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UFC 195 Recap: Lawler Wins Controversial Decision Over Condit

UFC 195 was a great way to bring in the new year and the fight between Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit was an instant classic. Let’s get into exactly how UFC 195 went down.


This was the first UFC event of 2016 and we already have a fight of the year candidate thanks to Lawler and Condit. Based on the way the fight went, a lot of people actually had Condit winning on the scorecards.

However, this is not the first time that Lawler has won by such a small margin. Many fight experts thought Lawler lost to Johny Hendricks but he was awarded the title via split decision. This is what the official scorecard looked like:

It basically came down to how the third round was scored, with two of the judges giving that round to Lawler.

Whether Lawler actually deserved to win the fight or not, the guy has the heart of a champion. “Ruthless” always find a way to turn things up a notch in the 4th and 5th round of these title fights.

Lawler’s mindset going into those rounds is that he’s losing the fight and he needs to do whatever it takes to get ahead or go for the knockout.

That is exactly what happened in the 5th round and that round is probably what won Lawler the fight in the end.

It has become very clear, if you want to take the belt from Robbie Lawler, you HAVE to knock him out. Otherwise, be prepared to brawl for five rounds.

As for Carlos Condit, he put forth a great effort and showed how elite of a striker he really is. He also said that retirement is a serious possibility. If that’s the case, he will truly be missed in the octagon.


Stipe Miocic went out and proved that he is the real deal in the heavyweight division. Andrei Arlovski was on a six-fight win streak and primed for a title shot.

Miocic ended that dream just 34 seconds into the fight. Miocic is another college wrestler who converted to MMA and has shown that he has plenty of knockout power. Miocic might be the second coming of “Suga” Rashad Evans because this knockout was brutal.

After a win like this, Miocic should definitely be next in line to fight the current champion, Fabricio Werdum.

Hopefully a loss like this doesn’t derail Andrei Arlovski, but he is 36 and another run at the title seems difficult.


Similar to the title fight, this matchup also ended in a split decision, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting. Lorenz Larkin showed off his athleticism by throwing a bunch of leg kicks and spinning heel kicks but failed to do much else during the fight.

Albert Tumenov was the one who pressed the action and came forward a lot during the fight. The thing is, he didn’t do much damage going forward either. However, it was Tumenov’s high work rate that likely pushed the fight in his favor.

It’s back to the drawing board for Lorenz Larkin, his two-fight win streak after changing weight classes is over. Tumenov wasn’t overly impressive but he might just sneak into the UFC welterweight rankings.


The featherweight division needs to start keeping their eye on Brian “T-City” Ortega. Ortega found a way to stay unbeaten after a very impressive submission of Diego Brandao. “T-City” is a Gracie trained black belt in jiu-jitsu and his technique was on full display in this win.

Brandao was likely ahead on the scorecards going into the third round, he’ll be very disappointed he couldn’t see it through. Ortega worked his magic and won via triangle choke.

Diego Brandao will be upset that he got submitted when he has such a solid jiu-jitsu base himself. It’ll be interesting to see how he responds in his next fight.

Brian Ortega has now proved that he’s ready for a high level of competition, and his next opponent better have good submission defense.


Tony Sims didn’t have much UFC experience and that showed when he took a much more experienced fighter in Abel Trujillo.

Tony Sims did use his boxing background to his advantage by keeping the distance and throwing good counter punches. Sims also did a good job of defending any take down attempts from Trujillo.

Then the fight took a very unexpected turn, Sims went for a takedown and seemingly executed it well.

However, he left his neck exposed and Trujillo pounced on the mistake to finish the fight via Guillotine choke.

It came out of nowhere, especially since he’s a knockout artist, but Trujillo gets a win that he desperately needed. Tony Sims will definitely learn from this experience.


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