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Democratic Race Bernin’ Up – Sanders Tied with Clinton

With the new year, democrats may have shifted to a new candidate for the presidential race.  In a Marist poll released Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is within three points in Iowa, but is ahead 5 points in New Hampshire, begging the question, will he be the democratic nominee for president?

In the spring of 2015, a Quinnipiac University poll was released, partly titled, “What Trouble?  Clinton Has Early Lock on Iowa Caucus”, showing former Secretary of State leading at 60%, and in October, another Quinnipiac University poll shows the lead was diminishing, but still strong with a 51-40 lead over Sanders.  Enforcing that Sanders was unlikely to be the candidate was a Gallup poll showing that 50% of Americans wouldn’t vote for a socialist; a term Sanders has been dubbed.

And then January 2016 happened.

The Marist poll has started a new conversation within the media about Sanders’s electability.  The media has begun rhetoric in articles showing Clinton may not be as confident about the race as she was previously – articles like CNN’s titled, Hillary Clinton increasingly anxious about bernie Sanders and CBS News’s titled, Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton is attacking because she’s “panicky” – changing the media tone to candidate Sanders.

“As voters move toward their final choice in Iowa and New Hampshire, it’s clear they are moving heavily to Bernie,” Sanders’s Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver said.

Solidifying his legitimacy as a viable candidate, an NBC/WSJ/Marist poll shows Sanders beating both Republican frontrunners Donald Trump and Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) in matchups.  The same poll has Clinton beating Trump, but losing to Cruz.

Trump has begun focusing his attention to Sanders, speaking at a New Hampshire rally Monday saying, “I would love to run against Bernie.  It’s my dream.”

Sanders has been polling well with Asian-Americans, young voters, and more recently Independent voters.

“Bernie’s substantial advantage over Republicans in the general election versus Secretary Clinton is another important reason that Democratic primary voters should choose him as our nominee,” Weaver said.

The 2016 Iowa Caucus is Monday, February 1 and the 2016 New Hampshire Primary is Tuesday, February 9.

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