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A Salute To The Life of David Bowie

The first exposure that these ears and eyes had to David Bowie was at a time when he was working with the legendary Niles Rodgers.

Rodgers was on his production roll having produced the establishing hits for Madonna and his work on Bowie’s Lets Dance album was and still is nothing short of phenomenal.

The lanky enigma stood tall above the rest of his field as someone that was just…different.

His lower register and suggestive videos for tracks like “China Girl” brought a compact yet artistic flair to the last time that our culture could truly be deemed as naïve.

A visit to the record store later began a journey that sprang backward to go forward into his most recent and final work Blackstar.

Blackstar was inspired in part by Compton, Ca rapper Kendrick Lamar and his lauded LP To Pimp A Butterfly.

Blackstar was Bowie’s 25th LP and based on how he chose to live his life and share his soul and vision with us all it makes sense that the number carries a significant amount of weight in numerology.

Words such as inspiring, divine, mission and creative are all associated with the number and Bowie’s life repped those ideals to the fullest.

David Bowie pushed the boundaries within himself and challenged us all to remove our blinders when it came to what we deemed to be acceptable art.

Today, a lot of us will chant ‘ground control to Major Tom,’ in tribute to his infamous single “Space Oddity.”

That’s cool and everything but can we also find the genius in semi-forgotten work such as “Cactus” from 2002’s Heathen?

From the burning fever that he cooked with Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor to his various offshoot bands and solo work, its hard to find a moment where Bowie went wrong.

Well, that’s not exactly true. The “Dancing In The Streets” cover that he projected upon us all with the Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger was nothing short of embarrassing.

Even preteens shook their head in torment as those were moments of their life that they would never get back.

That one misstep aside, it was never an issue to reference David Bowie as an influence upon any creative mindset as he was a rare visionary that could impact anything.

Fashion, art, dance, film, the stage and obviously music all took cues from his presentation which from day one was a 360 degree affair.

Not being old enough to reflect on his impact upon his debut, I can pick up at his midway point and roll with his career with a prime seat from the 50-yard-line.

There was a special simplicity in even his most complex work. And in that spirit, there is one final statement as this brain struggles to wrap its head around the magnitude of this loss.

David Bowie did what he wanted.

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