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30 Comedians to Know in 2016 PT 1



“We don’t know the words but we look cute.”

Yamaneika Saunders 

Yamaneika Saunders is a comic actress most known for her appearances on The Meredith Vieira Show (2014), Black Wars (2007) and Last Comic Standing (2003). However, she has been making more and more appearances since last year. In 2015, Saunders performed stand-up on Gotham Comedy Live, guest-appeared as a panelist on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, guest-appeared as a panelist on The Meredith Vieira Show, appeared as herself on the TV series Funny Girls and played the role of Meredith in the TV movie Help Yourself. This year in 2016, Saunders is still continuing to make herself a more prominent figure in the comedian scene, appearing on the TV series  What’s Your F@#Cking Deal!?!. Saunders’ entire filmography can be seen here.

Although Saunders has been captivating audiences with her dynamic stage presence all over the country for over a decade, her career is at its prime right now. Born and raised in Maryland, Saunders has tackled both the New York and Los Angeles comedy scenes by “combining her high energy improv skills with a unique vulnerable perspective on life.” This mix “forces her to go beyond the typical humor one would expect to hear, and allows her to connect to audiences from any background.”0

Saunders has worked with many well-known comics from Paul Mooney to Caroline Rhea. Not only has she collaborated with other comedians, but she’s received much well-deserved praise from her fellow comics. Emma Willman for example, tweets at The Interrobang that she believes Saunders will have the biggest year of any other comedian.

Saunders “has really been laying the ground work…out here grinding, [and has] just start[ed] to get some TV love,” Willman tweets. “She’s been out for a long time, really killing it, not really getting any industry attention. But then she got Last Comic, and the morning show- Meredith Vieira. I Think that she’s just plotting her way up and I think that thus year, if things go right she could really take it to another level.”

Saunders is known for her uncanny way of saying what everyone else is thinking but is too afraid to say out loud. Saunders describes her comedy as “In your face and aggressive, ”especially during her weekly podcast “Rantin’ and Ravin’”, which is produced by Stand Up NY Labs. The comedian hopes that by sharing her personal truths on air and on stage, “her comedy can be used as a ministry to bring comfort to others.”

Saunders has three live events in New York City coming up this January. Details about the shows, including dates, times and venues can be seen here.

Check out Saunders on her official website, Twitter and Facebook.

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