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30 Comedians to Know in 2016 PT 1



“Definition of dating: let’s play a game where we eat a lot of dinner and try to have sex afterwards.”

Jo Firestone

Jo Firestone is one of the newest faces in the comedy scene but she has already had a great start to her career. Despite her newness to the comic world, Firestone has already received much praise from fans as well as other comedians in the scene. For example, actor, comedian and writer for the television series, Jon Glaser says of “the super weird and strange and funny as hell” comic that she is “doing very interesting comedy and odd shows around New York.”

Firestone, a comedian and producer based in Brooklyn, NY, has created and currently hosts several live shows around the city that usually fall under the genres of “low-brow”, “recurring” and “only for indoor kids”. The comedian can also be seen at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater hosting “The Incredible Game Show Showcase” and “The Unexpectashow” and at Littlefield hosting “Punderdome 3000” with her father. She can also be heard every Monday night from 6-7 EST hosting Dr. Gameshow

 on WFMU with good pal, Manolo Moreno.

Critics have a lot to say about Firestone, such as:

  • “Hilarious, cult-favorite” (New York Times)
  • “Just what you need if things are a little too staid and boring in your life” (Brokelyn)
  • “Delightfully weird” (Brooklyn Based)
  • “Reigning title holder in the ‘Oddest Human in New York’ comedian division” (Brokelyn)
  • “Comedic mad scientist” (Wag’s Revue)
  • “Not-at-all creepy” (Time Out New York)

Firestone keeps it simple and playful in her cynical stand-up routines. She tends to speak in simple, concise sentences, revealing a “deliberateness and delicacy to her thoughts that would not come across otherwise in her comedy.” Another one of Firestone’s comic traits, unlike most entertainers in New York City, is that she does not seek attention of the audience on only herself.

Instead, she strives to focus on other people during her routines. Whether she is setting up romance, running game shows, or hosting variety shows for other comedians, her entertain-for-the-people attitude along with her dedication to originality makes her a unique talent in the Brooklyn comedy scene. Despite her seemingly overnight success and popularity however, Impose Magazine calls Firestone “charmingly meek and modest about her accomplishments…even though it is clear that she is full of charisma and drive.”

Jo Firestone can be heard every Monday on “Dr. Gameshow” on WFMU at 6PM.

Keep up with Jo Firestone on Twitter and her official website for upcoming television-appearance dates and live show dates.

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