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30 Comedians to Know in 2016 PT 1



“The associate pastor is so fly. I’m imagining us in matching khakis, connecting over giant mochas.”

John Early

Openly-gay comedian, actor, editor, producer and writer John Early from Nashville, Tennessee, is a well-mannered southern boy…at least until he gets on stage. Whether it’s channeling over an overanxious Christian teenager, body rolling for a perfectly choreographed Aaliyah impression, or lamenting as a “straight bro” in emotional turmoil, “Early’s character driven by stand-up comedy,” according to The Wild Magazine, “is cutting but sincere, and never feels acted.” The Wild adds, “These characters are simply just versions of himself as seen through a cultural/ sexual/ gender-bending time warp, and they’re all just as terrified as you are.”

His extensive filmography begins in 2011 when he edited and acted in the short film Skindergarten and continues to expand to this day, with last year being the busiest year in his comedy career so far. In 2015, he:

Now, still busy in 2016, Early has roles in two TV series that still in post-production—one is called New York is Dead and one is called Animals—and he has a role in the drama film Gabe.

Currently, Early  tours around the country with his stand-up/ variety show “Literally Me”, hosts a monthly variety event called “Showgasm” at Ars Nova in New York City, and frequently collaborates with drag queens and other comedians (such as Hamm Samwich and Kate Berlant) in a variety of sketch and filmed presentations.

In an interview with The Wild, Early talks about his career, his personal life, and how collaborating the two topics in his stand-up routines has helped him gain popularity among audiences. The Wild then asked Early how he got his start as a comedian and if he really has been performing since he was a kid.

“How did I become funny?” Early responds. “Well, I was a silent child. I always his behind my mother’s skirt…and I guess it just blew up or something. I was very quiet and observant. I think I just watched my family.”

In response to the question about performing as a child, Early talks about how he began performing in third or fourth grade, did theater and was in the Nashville Boys Choir (Early comments on his time in the Choir; “Classical music in a tiny tuxedo with other boys…So…that’s the origin of my homosexuality”).

The comedian was also a self-proclaimed Brady Bunch fanatic. “I would make little skits in daycare and cast people as the family,” he tells The Wild. “I would always be Jan, and we would do sketches at snack time. I was a show runner. I ran the show and I was in the show. I was a monster. Still am.”

Early currently has one live show date on January 19th at Union Hall in New York City, but keep an eye out for this young, about-to-break-out comedian by following him on Tumblr and  Twitter

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