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30 Comedians to Know in 2016 PT 1



“We used to drive up to fields in Indiana and pick [corn] and put it in strangers’ mailboxes. That’s basically an Indiana hate crime.”

Megan Gailey

 Actress and comedian Megan Gailey began performing stand-up at age 22 when she was living at home after her college graduation as her grandmother’s full-time Alzheimer’s caregiver. The now 27-year-old breakout star at the 2015 New Faces in Montreal who began her career after being trained in improv and writing at iO Chicago and The Second City, has performed all over the country, (such as in IN, OH, WI, NYC, Boston, D.C., etc) and internationally in the UK and Ireland.

In Chicago she has performed at Comedians you should know, Red Bar Comedy Club, Zanies, Second City, Jokes and Notes and many other local showcases. The comedian has been called a must-have at top national clubs like The Laugh Factory (Chicago), Hilarities (Cleveland) and The Comedy Attic (Bloomington, IN.) opening for Brad Garrett, Kevin Nealon, Amy Schumer, Paul Reiser, Jeff Garlin and T.J. Miller.

In her new home in NYC, Gailey also helps produce and host the weekly comedy showcase that features some of the best up-and-coming comics called “The Front Room”, which takes place at one of the city’s favorite venues, The Knitting Factory.

Gailey stepped into the television and film comedy scene in 2012 when when she appeared in the TV movie Life Support. She then held a role in the short film The Last Job I Had in 2014. Gailey’s most recent appearance however, was when she was the comic guest on the TV series, Conan in 2015.

That night on Conan, viewers finally became acquainted with the real Megan Gailey, as she “soaked up her moments on [the late-night talk show] from the opening applause breaks to the end, in between joking about her basic white name and her parents—explaining the difference between Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants for the rest of the world.”

Gailey has a simple piece of advice to offer aspiring comedians: “Be delusional. And try to look good, people are forced to look at you.”

Gailey has upcoming live shows within the next three weeks of January:

Check out Gailey’s official websiteTwitter and Facebook for upcoming tour dates and, appearances and other other Megan Gailey news. No doubt, 2016 should be a big year for Gailey…so get to know her.

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