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Lecrae delivers rap perfection

It’s never been appealing to compare an artist to another artist that flies in the same space.

Even if an influence is present, it feels somewhat insulting to say that someone sounds like a cross between (insert artist name here) and (insert another artist’s moniker here).

But as we discuss rapper Lecrae latest in his Church Clothes series, it has to be said that his latest work is a inspiring as Common’s classic work was.

The Atlanta, GA resident pushes a lot socio-political mirrors in our collective face to bring to light some truths that maybe don’t want to see.

Spiritual soundtracks litter the proceedings as the leadoff track “Freedom” will push listeners to their feet to witness the lyrical sprit.

Lecrae manipulates a acidic truth over the lines “I gave Chief Keef my number in New York this summer/I told him, “I could get you free”, I’m on my Nat Turner/ Back burner, cookin’ up a fat burger/ While we shuck and jive to a song about a crack murder”


Elsewhere, “Sidelines” uses lo-fi filtering techniques to give Lecrae a backdrop to roll over that is in step with mainstream hip-hop today.

Truth be told, all of the production here is fluid and concurrent as allows Church Music 3 the luxury of feeling like a complete body of work.

The effort and inspiration was here to put together something and special. This is rap’s first perfect album of 2016.

Listen To Church Clothes 3

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