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30 Comedians to Know in 2016 PT 2



“I used to date a hoarder and she broke up with me…that stings extra hard—I’m like the one thing she can get rid of.”

Sam Morril

Sam Morril is one of the fastest rising stand-up comics and one of the best joke writers in today’s comedy scene. Is this statement true? Or is Sam Morril just your average nothing-special comic who just blends in with today’s other comedians? The answer? The statement is very true, but who is the source of this flattering claim about the comedian? The source in fact, is the most “reliable” one we could hope for. Only a huge fan of Morril who really appreciates his stand-up material could make such a matter-of-fact statement. This person is Morril himself who, on his bio on his official website, assures us that we can trust his statement “Because he is writing this bio, and he wouldn’t lie about that to get extra work.”

However, Morril’s biggest fan (Morril) isn’t the only one who has positive things to say about the comedian. According to Impose Magazine, “The young comic…brings a unique sense of honesty with oneself to the stage, while still couching his deep insights in tight one-liners and quotidian observations…” Impose Magazine finishes that thought with, “but that is what makes Sam Morril a perfect comic to sit on our proverbial couch and reveal the inner depths of his mind.” His jokes take on the classic set-up, punch line structure, yet his wry, knowing smile and disgruntled voice belie the depths of his humor. Morril, who’s style is often compared to that of comedian Steven Wright’s, is most well known for his ability to subvert even the most down-trotted comedic subjects like “dating blunders, self-depreciating Jewish humor and daddy issues.”

In his earlier career in 2011, Morrill won the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta and was named one of Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch. More recently in 2015, the comedian has appeared on Conan numerous on numerous occasions, was casted as a regular Fox’s Red Eye, performed stand-up on The Half Hour and Adam DeVine’s House Party and got his own one-hour Comedy Central special, which was recorded at The Village Underground. Also in 2015, Morril released his stand-up album Class Actwhich according to Coed, is “solid gold”. The album can be streamed on Spotify and downloaded on iTunes. Morril has also been on Last Comic Standing, @midnight and Inside Amy Schumer.

Morril’s 2016 schedule already looks busy right from the start of the New Year. As of now, there are a few Morril live performances with set dates including a stand-up show at Laffs Inc. Comedy Club in Toledo on Jan. 8 and Jan. 9 and a show at Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago from March 9 through March 11.

Look for upcoming set show dates by following Morril on Twitter.

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