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Deftones attack with new single from new LP Gore

Deftones/ “Prayers & Triangles”/Reprise

The new single from Sacramento, CA alt-rock pioneers Deftones is a true gem.

“Prayers & Triangles” landed with a highly anticipated roar as music fanatics soaked in the next step in the quintet’s evolution.

Never afraid to wear their goodie-bag of influences on their collective sleeve, the melodic ring of The Cure collides with a subdued power that stops just shy of metallic.

Power comes in all shapes and sizes and as vocals soar, the musical bottom end pushes and pulls with serious precision.

Deftones have always been a tight unit that leaps off record and onto the stage.

As the new album Gore prepares for its April 8 release, expect another piece or two of the puzzle to advance what could be the album that unites White Pony-era fans with those that are passionate about the risks taken on subsequent work.

Listen To Deftones ” Prayers & Triangles”

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