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Comic Book Deals: Dynamite Best-Selling Authors

I’m always a sucker for a good comic book deal, with there being so much to read these days. While I try to stay up-to-date with everything that’s out there, such is a luxury I can’t afford, forcing me to pick and choose what I pick up each week. Luckily, it seems Humble Bundle has those of us who are behind on reading covered.

In their recent Humble Comics Bundle, patrons are able to purchase some of Dynamite Comics’ best-selling series for pretty cheap. Even those of us with only a dollar to our name can pick up over 5 volumes worth of content, including Sherlock Holmes: Year One and Complete Alice in Wonderland.

And for those of you willing to invest a bit more, the first four issues of the comic book adaptation of Game of Thrones is available, along with the absurd team-up story of Zorro and Tarantino’s Django, a book I look forward to covering down the road. Additionally, there’s the promise of more comics to be bundled with those that are currently available at the mid-point of the sale, giving you even more for your money, assuming you’ve contributed at the appropriate level.

While it’s easy to pick up these books for incredibly cheap and not give it a second thought, I highly encourage that you consider paying a little extra. Not only are these comics a great value already, but Humble Bundle openly uses its website to support various charities.

This particular sale is contributing money towards the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Medecins Sans Frontier, and the Make a Wish Foundation. What’s more, you can customize where your money goes when checking out, giving whatever money you want to the charities, comic book creators, and the Humble Bundle website itself.

If any of these series interest you, I highly encourage considering checking this sale out, as it will be running until 1 pm EST on February 24th.

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