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Nerdy Stuff We Need: Thor-Based Tool Box

Fans have a way of coming up with methods to implement their interests into just about any everyday activity or need. From headphones shaped like Batman’s head to fireplaces featuring Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle, it always astounds me just how creative some people are in their inventive re-utilization of popular properties.

The most recent example of this is the idea of a Thor-based tool box, in which the head of a traditional hammer hooks into the top of a tool box, mimicking Mjolnir and allowing you to wield it as the head of a hammer worth of the mighty god Thor. The box would also contain a handful of other useful items, such as a socket set and wrench.

This is only the most recent of ideas pumped out by a man named Dave Delisle, who runs his own website called Dave’s Geeky Ideas. The site is filled with other such ideas and blueprints for interesting nerdy inventions, including Super Mario Brothers themed webcams, computer mice, and USBs, as well as a Star Wars bunk bed based on the Rancor pit.

With this particular project, Dave hoped to add to what he saw to be a lacking selection of “geeky-themed hardware or accessories.” He did admit that the box might be “too heavy to lug around” though, and considered that it could also be repurposed as a lunchbox.

Unfortunately, this is currently just an idea, and has no backing from Marvel or Dinsey, nor is there any sign that Dave will be moving to present these ideas to anyone down the road, which I think is a shame. While a little impractical, I think this could be a fun way to present a compact tool kit to younger audiences and get them familiarized with their functions early on, after some modifications to the images presented to accommodate children.

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