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Stephen Lang wants Cable role in Deadpool sequel

This weekend, Deadpool earned over $135 million at the box office, breaking records and cementing itself as a booming success for the Fox Studios X-Men-based series of films. But Fox was confident of its success even before the film was released, announcing a planned sequel days before Deadpool‘s premier.

Much of the talk surrounding this already anticipated movie is the inclusion of Cable, Deadpool’s on-and-off partner in the comics, as was established by the popular Cable and Deadpool series. Not only does it make a lot of sense, opening Fox to a lot of opportunities to expand the franchise moving forward, but the option was also teased in an after-credits scene, leaked online a shortly before the film’s release.

This has sparked a lot of interest in Cable, particularly who will play the character. Low and behold, one actor looks to lay claim to that title; Stephen Lang.

Recently, the actor posted to his Twitter feed.

While I’ve never been a fan of actors campaigning for roles, especially when it comes to big-budget blockbusters like this, Lang does seem to be a great choice for the role. Not only does he meet the physical specs for the character, from the muscley physique to the facial hair, but he’s certainly proven himself to be able to portray the gruff, no-nonsense attitude that Cable thrives on.

For those who are unfamiliar, Lang is best known for playing the villainous military general Miles Quaritch in Avatar, a role that resonates with Cable’s persona nicely, especially if he is initially introduced as an antagonist.

This is certainly a bit early for such speculations and claims, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this leads to something more concrete down the road.

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