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Details on DC Comics ‘Rebirth’ Still Vague

The question of what exactly DC Comics mysterious “Rebirth” teases actually signify continue to confound fans an industry observers.

The first inkling that a major DC project using the familiar  title, previous used for landmark series starring Green Lantern and The Flash, cam on January 26, when DC Co-Publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee both tweeted out an image of a closed stage curtain emblazoned with “Rebirth” along with a hashtag of the word as a caption.

A litany of rumors, eloquently gathered by Comic Book Resources here, quickly spread as to what the new initiative could possibly be, with internet rumors ranging from a full line-wide continuity reboot, to a creative shuffle, to simply a new branding effort from the publisher after sales lagged in 2015.

Even with all the rumors, no official word came from the company.

Adding fuel to the fire, Lee and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns returned to Twitter Monday with more “Rebirth” themed tweets. Set against the same blue curtain background, Lee’s tweet featured the same text as the original and added the phrase “It’s Not A Reboot…”

Johns tweet, send out a minute later took the same message as Lee’s and added to it further, saying in full “Rebirth. It’s Not A Reboot… And It Never Was.” Once again, no other official statements have come from DC on the matter.

Whatever type of change “Rebirth” actually brings, it will be another chapter in the long lineage of themed events from the company. DC pioneered the superhero crossover in the 1960’s with the legendary JLA/JSA crossover stories “Crisis on Earth One/Two.” The company went on to stage several continuity and line-altering events in the ensuing decades including 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, 1994’s Zero Hour: A Crisis in Time, 2006’s Infinite Crisis, and 2009’s Final Crisis. The events came to a crescendo with 2011’s Flashpoint which lead directly into the company’s New 52 initiative, which abandoned all the stories that had come before it and restarted the DC line. Time will only tell if “Rebirth” has the same significance.

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