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DC Comics Stress Legacy, Release Full List of ‘Rebirth’ Titles

Just yesterday we discussed how vague everything regarding DC Comics upcoming “Rebirth” initiative was and pondered when the company would give some answers. Turns there wouldn’t be a long wait, as the publisher announced details during the ComicsPro retailer convention in Portland Oregon.

The announcement, made in the form of a video announcement from DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, laid out how “Rebirth” will affect DC’s line. Comparing the event to his previously penned Green Lantern: Rebirth and Flash Rebirth series, Johns said that “Rebirth” aims to restore “familiar elements” and “focus on a shared universe” to the DC Universe while still “moving the characters forward.”

The initiative will be kickstarted by an 80 page one-shot  entitled DC Universe Rebirth written by Johns with art from Ethan Van Sciver, Phil Jimenez, Ivan Reiss, and Gary Frank. Following that, all of DC’s titles will relaunch with brand new #1 issues and a $2.99 price point (some on a bi-monthly schedule), except for the company’s long-running flagship titles, Action Comics and Detective Comics, which will return to their Pre-New 52 numbering respectively with issues #957 and #934.

In conjunction with the announcement, DC released the full list of “Rebirth” titles. In addition, Geoff Johns gave an in-depth interview to Comic Book Resources discussing numerous subjects related to the “Rebirth” project. Amongst the topics discussed were Johns expounding upon his creative involvement in the project, dismissing the idea that DC would be rebooting their continuity to more closely match their movies and TV series, explaining how the new emphasis on shared universe wouldn’t make all of DC’s books feel the same, and discussing the importance of history and legacy to the DCU.  He also announced that he’d be leaving his longtime roll as writer of Justice League, though he did imply that he would be writing an as yet unannounced on-going series in the future.

In wrapping up the CBR interview, Johns expressed his belief that it was the responsibility of all the creators involved to excite readers and get them reinvested in DC’s line, saying “I realize that people will be skeptical, they’ve heard it before, they think they’ve read everything — I totally get that and appreciate and understand it. They should be skeptical! It’s up to all of us to make our respective books worth your time and money. That’s on all of us as individual creators. Jay and I try our best to make “Justice League” a book worth the time and money. Everyone has the same goal. To earn it. To give you something that only DC Comics can give you. With DC Universe: Rebirth, I absolutely will.”

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