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Weezer puts LA girlz on alert

Weezer/LA Girlz/Crush  

At this point, its safe to peg Weezer as alt-rock icons.

Guitarist/singer River Cuomo has a habit of crushing moment after moment of inspired art radio staples that move his audience.

That being said, their latest “LA Girlz” is not their best work but it’s certainly not their worst either.

The stream-of-consciousness flows freely with lyrics that touch on the soul of a potentially forsaken muse that questions pregnancy and the price of love won and maybe lost.

The web is complex and the track burns sonically and the takeaway is universally bigger than the City of Angels.

That is a very literal explanation and dealing with Weezer is not the best time to take things at surface value.

The aural facetime always provides more like layers upon repeated listens and its suspected that this is why the hooks are so big.

Weezer treats the art of the sing-a-long as bait to real the suckers in to present the real medicine.

The big reveal will likely come when we have a chance to digest “LA Girlz” as a simple piece that resides in the puzzle that is the upcoming Weezer (White Album).

Dropping on April Fools Day, it promises to be a tour de force based on Salute’s personal favorite revealed gem “Do You Want To Get High?”

Only when we put it all together will we see just what is going on.

Listen To Weezer on “LA Girlz”

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