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‘The Other Side of the Door’ Releases Fri.


Friday, March 4 will mark the release of director Johannes Roberts’s The Other Side of the Door. The highly-anticipated horror-thriller—produced by Kriti Productions and distributed by 20th Century Fox—centers on Maria, a grieving mother who is struggling to cope with the death of her young son and struggling with her feelings for her daughter and husband as well. Unable to accept the fact that she did not have a chance to say goodbye to her son, a desperate Maria seeks out a secret ritual that will bring the young boy back one last time so she can give him a proper goodbye. But when Maria obeys a sacred warning, she upsets the balance between life and death.

Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies), her husband Michael (Jeremy Sisto) and their two young children Lucy (Sofia Rosinsky) and Oliver (Logan Creran) live an idyllic existence abroad until a tragic accident takes Oliver’s life. After an inconsolable Maria learns of the ancient ritual that she believes will allow her to see her son one more time, she travels to an ancient temple, opening the veil between the world of the dead and the living. After upsetting this balance between life and death, Maria’s focus becomes her daughter Lucy, who she must protect against the evil that was once her beloved son.

Despite how chillingly creepy and suspenseful its trailer portrays The Other Side to be, the film has received mixed reviews. Although Rotten Tomatoes shows the film having a “want to see” user rating of 86 per cent, its actual critic-based rating reaches only 43 per cent and an average rating of 5.5/10. Metacritic however, was not as generous with its ratings, as the film received the disappointing “Metascore” of 33 out of 100. One thing to keep in mind however, is that Rotten Tomatoes’ rating for The Other Side is based on only seven critic reviews and Metacritic’s is based on only five critic reviews.

If you’re thinking of seeing The Other Side in theaters, reading individual reviews will most likely give you a better idea of what to expect from film and offer you a more accurate prediction of how much you may like–or not like–it.



A solid haunting-possession movie with good character work and unusual local colour, this works in a few surprises, sufficient scares and a nicely barbed punchline.

Kim Newman of Empire


With its measured pacing, focus on family and repurposing of familiar horror conventions, the film represents a rather adult offering that can’t manage any memorable frights until well into the first hour of running time.

Justin Lowe of Hollywood Reporter


Mothers will do anything for their children, but this film’s simplistic brand of horror never makes that devotion compelling or frightening.

Tim Grierson of Screen Daily


The filmmakers are more concerned with shock-cuts, loud bangs, and creating Indian characters that are either servants or monsters, than with pushing the genre forward into satisfyingly visceral or psychological territory.

Dave White of The Wrap


Whilst you’re in the midst of its dark embrace it’s reliably creepy.

Katherine McLaughlin of The List


The type of sporadically silly and patently predictable horror pic that would look like filler on Syfy’s weekend lineup, “The Other Side of the Door” brings virtually nothing new to the supernatural genre.

Geoff Berkshire of Variety


The incorporation of Aghori rituals, Western ignorance/naïveté and Hindu reverence for the journey from life to death lend a refreshing twist to a potentially tired tale.

Emily Breen of HeyUGuys


However, what it comes down to is, you’ll never know how you truly feel about The Other Side until you see for yourself. Why not go see it and make your own judgments?

The Other Side of the Door is rated R for Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking and Frightening/Intense Scenes. The film is 96 minutes long and will hit U.S. theaters on Friday, March 4, 2016.

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