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‘Vote Loki’ as he runs for President in new series

The Marvel Comics interpretation of Loki has grown in popularity ever since the first Avengers film, thanks to a stellar performance by Tom Hiddleston and Joss Whedon‘s characterization of the uncertain trickster god. While always a prominent adversary in the comics, being the villain that brought the Avengers together both on and off screen, his relatablility and ultimately flawed nature is, in my opinion, what makes him such an intriguing figure. So it’s surprising that he hasn’t had a solo comic book series since the cataclysmic Secret Wars brought his previous run to a screeching halt.

Despite this, Marvel has not forgotten their most mischievous member, but rather has saved him for a surprisingly topical narrative. Vote Loki will be a story focusing on Loki running for the presidential election of 2016, having suddenly become a popular canidate in the running. This, Marvel has suggested, is likely because of some magic he has conjured up in hopes of fulfilling an undisclosed and mysterious ultimate goal.

Little more is known beyond this, but the images provided are somewhat telling. It’s clear that Angela will be involved, potentially as a vice presidential figure in Loki’s campeign, as well as Sam Wilson, who may be a primary antagonist in the series. The logo for the series feels very reminiscent of the Obama sigil used during his run for presidency, utilizing the sweeping red, white and blue as well as the orb-like symbol. More parallels can be made to this through Loki’s poster that states “believe,” in a similar vein as Obama’s “Hope” campaign.

While I love the character and the fresh atmosphere he can bring to a story, I’m rather hesitant to see the direction in which the series will be going, as it feels like the book is less about the character and more so meant as a jab at all the Trump news flooding today’s news. And while Loki is often labelled a villain, he’s also very conflicted about who he is and what he wants to be, whereas this book looks to write him into a corner as a clear enemy. And ultimately, with no information as to the author or artist, there’s little indication as to if the series will be handled well at all.

Vote Loki is slated to be released in June, but we’ll likely hear more about this in the weeks to come.

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