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20 Disney Movie Facts You Never Knew

For many of us, Walt Disney films were a large part of our childhoods. However, no matter how much a Disney fan thinks they know about some of their favorite classic movies, there are many things they don’t. Check out these 20 interesting and surprising facts and expand your Disney knowledge. Enjoy!


1. Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck make a cameo in The Little Mermaid (1989). Did you ever notice them? Most of us were too focused on the mighty King Triton in the scene.Goofy-Donald-and-Mickey-in-The-Little-Mermaid


2. Did you ever wonder why Andy’s dad was never present or even mentioned in Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story (1995)? The reason Andy’s father was absent from the film was actually a very simple one; at the time Toy Story was being created, human characters were very expensive and difficult to animate.andy2


3. 101 Dalmatians (1961), Lady and the Tramp (1955), Peter Pan (1953) and Mulan (1998) are among the only Disney animated films where both parents are present and do not die throughout the movie. Kind of morbid, right?images-101-dalmatians-g


4. A hyena biologist actually sued Disney for portraying hyenas as villains in The Lion King (1994). Apparently this biologist was very loyal to his subject of study…hyena-wallpaper-the-lion-king-5985773-1024-768


5. Aladdin’s (Aladdin, 1992) face was modeled after Tom Cruise’s, his personality was modeled after Michael J. Fox’s and his style of clothing style was modeled after M.C. Hammer’s. I can see the personality and clothing style; I’m not sure about the face though…celebrities_que_inspiraron_personajes_disney_40302596_1024x683


6. Ariel from The Little Mermaid was partially modeled after Alyssa Milano. I can see Alyssa in Ariel more than I can see Tom in Aladdin, I guess…ArielAlyssa


7. The Jungle Book (1967) was the last animated film Walt Disney (1901-1966) personally supervised before he


8. One minute of The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) required an entire week of filming. Now those are patient animators if I’ve ever heard of any.1a52


9. The people who voiced Minnie and Mickey were just as loving a couple in real life as the two animated characters were. Russi Taylor provided the voice of Minnie and her husband Wayne Allwine (1947-2009) provided the voice of Mickey.mickeyandminnie


10. The names of the dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) were not actually the creators’ first choices. Some of dwarfs that didn’t make the movie were Jumpy, Deafy, Dizzy, Wheezy, Hickey, Baldy, Gabby, Nifty, Sniffy, Puffy, Stuffy, Shorty, Burpy and Shorty. Deafy? Really?Snow-White-And-The-Seven-Dwarfs-DI-18


11. Beauty and the Beast (1991) was the first ever animated film to be nominated for an Oscar in the Academy Awards. The nomination was for Best Film in the 64th Academy Awards in 

12. Pumbaa from The Lion King was the first character to ever fart in a Disney movie. It would be Pumbaa, wouldn’t it?TLK1.5-16


13. Christian Bale voiced the character Thomas in Pocahontas (1995). Who knew? ChristianBale


14. Contrary to popular belief, Christina Aguilera’s debut single is “Reflections” from Mulan, not “Genie in a Bottle”.MulanReflection1 

15. Okay, this one gets a bit technical so stay with me. Ariel from The Little Mermaid is the daughter of the sea god Triton, who is the son of Poseidon. Poseidon is the brother of Zeus, who is father to Hercules. This would mean that the Disney character Hercules (Hercules, 1997) and Ariel are related. Intentional? Hmm…ecfe45fff82bc353170372b5c85ba82a979b74ff12386cb81035c65cdfbde509_large 

16. Everyone’s favorite elephant Dumbo (Dumbo, 1941) is Disney’s only movie title character that never speaks in the


17. Walt Disney—the man who started it all—said his favorite piece of animation was Cinderella’s (Cinderella, 1950) dress transformation.dbb2a26e8cb1a2731db3c7fb1c0e55f7


18. Mickey Mouse’s name was originally supposed to be Mortimer Mouse, but Walt Disney’s wife Lillian (1899-1997) convinced him to change it because “Mortimer” sounded too pompous. You have to admit, “Mickey” does sound much friendlier.55f87cf3830f7


19. Remember Sid (the clearly emotionally disturbed boy from Toy Story)? He makes an appearance as a garbage man in Toy Story 3 (2010). Note the


20. Walt Disney’s Oscar for Snow White looks like this:1529519-980x


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