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Shocks of the Weekend: Belly aching and Brackets

Selection Sunday finally arrived and left several fans, schools and coaches complaining about a multitude of things. The shocks of the weekend will be an NCAA Tournament edition this week and there are plenty of things to talk about surrounding March Madness, which begins on Tuesday with the First Four games kicking things off.

Brackets busted early

In a rare occurrence, Sunday saw an early leak of the brackets before the Selection Sunday show even began, and it brings up several questions for the Selection Committee. CBS extended their coverage in 2016 and it added to the already lengthy coverage that they have given in the past. There are several fans who felt that the bracket was actually finalized prior to the completion of several games on Sunday, and if true, would provide plenty more questions in the near future.

A surprise No. 1 seed

Oregon was given a No. 1 seed after trampling Utah in the Pac-12 title game, but did they deserve it? Opinions differ on the Ducks, especially with Michigan State winning the Big Ten title and being on the No. 1 seed line for the past few weeks. With all the issues facing the BCS and Playoff Selection Committee in college football, the NCAA now has basketball to worry about as well. Oregon is deserving of their No. 1 seed, but Michigan State was as well.

First Four games

An easy solution to the mess that is the First Four would be to place the last eight teams that received at large bids in these games. But, alas, that would be too easy, so instead they have selected teams who won their conference tournaments and received an automatic bid to face some of the last four teams in. Vanderbilt barely got into the Big Dance, yet they play against Wichita State who lost in their conference championship game. Regardless of record, teams that receive an automatic bid should not have to play in the First Four games. Another problem is that the play-in games should be for the No. 16 seed instead of a mix of No. 11 and No. 16 matchups.


Kentucky‘s John Calipari complained about his team and the path they were given by the powers that be, but Kentucky has been granted the easiest path through the NCAA Tournament on several occasions in the past. When it comes to seeding, there are several teams that should have been placed elsewhere. Texas (20-12) was given a No. 6 seed and Oregon State (19-12) was given a No. 7 seed, and the concept behind these two receiving the seeding that they did appears to be rocket science to even a casual fan. Texas Tech (19-12) has a similar record as Oregon State and they were given a No. 8 seed, and each team finished 9-9 in conference play. Seeding is always a hot topic when it comes to March, and it will always exist apparently.

Biggest snubs

Monmouth (27-7, 13-3) might be the largest snub that didn’t make it into the NCAA Tournament this season, and their hilarious bench celebrations were something to look forward to prior to the selections being made. They will now have to do so in the NIT as a No. 1 seed. Some of the other snubs that were left out of this year’s selections are St. Mary’s (27-5, 15-3), San Diego State (25-9, 16-2), St. Bonaventure (22-8, 14-4) and Valparaiso (26-6, 16-2). Valpo even beat Oregon State early this season and was 4-2 against Top 100 teams as well.

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