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Hillary Clinton Hits ‘Broad City’ Tomorrow

Last December, co-creators and stars of Comedy Central’s Broad City, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson announced their excitement over the casting of a special upcoming guest star this March. If you missed that announcement, this Broad City guest is presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Well, March is here and Clinton’s appearance on the show is even more highly anticipated than ever. Although Glazer and Jacobson have publicly insisted that the American politician’s cameo “is not a political endorsement”, you’d be forgiven for assuming the exact opposite, given their ecstatic reaction to meeting Clinton in a video clip previewing the upcoming episode, which will air on Comedy Central tomorrow night.

Now, at a time when her campaign has taken heat for failing to connect with female voters, especially women of younger generations, Clinton’s appearance on tomorrow night’s episode may give her the boost she needs to begin earning the support of the young women she’s been struggling to reach. Still, the episode doesn’t appear to endorse Clinton as a candidate. When an audience member at SXSW Film Festival asked Glazer and Jacobson why Broad City is supporting Clinton even though their characters seem like they would be more likely to support Bernie Sanders, Jacobson said she and her co-star made it a point to not choose sides on the show.

We are not trying to make a political statement. That’s not our show, really—‘let’s make a political stance here.’ It’s really more that this is something that Ilana’s character would do,” said Jacobson. “Even regardless of where we stand—and we love Hillary—Hillary is such an iconic figure. These girls being around her is not an everyday thing. That’s how we felt being around her. It was like, ‘Oh, this is a different world.’”

Glazer gives an additional response that pretty much sums up the simple reason why they wanted Clinton to guest-star. “Because she’s this icon. We’re trying to make really good TV. I think you’ll watch the episode and think you’ll agree that it’s a great episode of TV.”

At the SXSW panel, Glazer and Jacobson further insisted Clinton’s cameo is not meant to endorse the candidate by explaining that the writers conceived the episode’s storyline about a year ago—before the Clinton campaign’s “female voter issues” even hit the low point it is at now.

“We got the idea that Ilana’s character would find the Hillary campaign in some way and be a part of it,” said Jacobson. “The episode doesn’t require Hillary.”

After Comedy Central contacted Clinton’s campaign reps, with an added good word in from Broad City’s executive producer Amy Poehler, the script was sent and approved.

Be sure to check out Broad City’s show page on the official Comedy Central site for more info on the series, the show schedule, video clips and full episodes. But more importantly, be sure to watch Glazer and Jacobson meet (and swoon over) Hillary Clinton tomorrow night, Wednesday, March 16, at 10 p.m./ 9 p.m. central on Comedy Central. Don’t Miss it!







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