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Civil War II Teams Revealed

Marvel has recently released two images revealing the official teams that will be going head-to-head in the upcoming Civil War II Marvel event. While the various teaser images had presented some of the key characters in a roundabout manner, here we see them all, and then some, separated into the two teams.

The first of the two teams, that devoted to protecting the future, is led by Iron Man, and composed of Black Widow, Deadpool, Sam Wilson, Amadeus Cho Hulk, Hercules, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Thor, Miss America, Star-Lord and Daredevil. While some of these were obvious, I was surprised to see Black Panther and Ms. Marvel here considering their role in the recent Ultimates series, suggesting that the team will be breaking apart in some way, either prior or during this event.

The other team, which is looking to change the future, is being led by Captain Marvel, and the members are Monica Rameau, She-Hulk, Ant-Man, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Blue Marvel, Medusa, Steve Rodgers as the revitalized Captain America, Vision, War Machine and Spider-Man. Some of these additions still surprise me a bit, such as Spider-Man and Steve Rodgers, but I’m sure they’ll have a chance to speak their piece as the series moves along. Additionally, I have to wonder whether Spider-Man will be switching sides similarly to how he did in the original Civil War event, although there’s no real indication of whether this is a possibility as of yet.

There are a few details that have been left out at this point, such as Rocket Raccoon and Miles Morales, both of whom seem to be siding with Captain Marvel in this fight, or so the teasers suggest. Additionally, we know that one of these characters will likely die at the very start of the series, as an important character is supposed to bite the dust in issue #0 or #1 to cause the events of Civil War II. I’m inclined to say either War Machine, She-Hulk, or Spider-Man, as there are clearly more people aligned with Captain Marvel if you include those not on these covers. Additionally, there’s already been some speculation that these three are prime targets.

What do you think of these teams? Who will be the first to die? And what side will win in the end? Readers will get some answers in a couple weeks on Free Comic Book Day, a day I can hardly wait for.

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