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Shocks of the Weekend: Down, but not out

The NCAA Tournament has provided more than a few moments in the first two rounds, but it wasn’t the only sport shining its light on the small screen. Basketball is the main contributor for shocks of the weekend this week, but there were also some other surprises that fans might have missed because of March Madness.

10. Spurs best Warriors

The only reason that the San Antonio Spurs aren’t being talked about much is because of the dominance that the Golden State Warriors have shown this season in the NBA. Saturday night was a matchup that was hyped but also had to compete with the NCAA Tournament. In a dominant display on how to shut down Steph Curry, the Spurs continued their tremendous undefeated home streak that, again, is second to that of the Warriors.

9. LSU’s Ben Simmons latest one-and-done

Most college basketball fans expected Simmons to leave after only playing one season for the Tigers, and he has announced that he will hire an agent and take his talents to the next level. Expect more names to make the same announcement in the coming weeks, once the Big Dance is over.

8. Roy Jones Jr. adds another knockout to his career

In a bout against former MMA fighter Vyron Phillips, Jones showed that he still has some power behind those old, tired hands. The fight took place as part of the event, and Jones made sure fans could see yet another knockout in his lengthy boxing career.

7. Dwight Howard and Rockets caught sticky handed

NFL players are known for using gloves or even an occasional spray of Stickum, but apparently NBA players like to get an edge as well. Dwight Howard was caught trying to add to his grip and he admitted to using it often in his career. It is unclear what, if anything, will be done by the NBA as a form of punishment, but it does bring up a lot of questions.

6. Tim Howard leaving the Premier League

Once the current Premier League season comes to an end, current Everton and USMNT goalkeeper Tim Howard will be heading back to the U.S. Howard has signed a 3.5-year contract with MLS side Colorado that will begin this summer. Howard is on the downhill slope of his career, but it will be nice that fans can watch him play in the U.S. in what might be his last contract of his professional career.

5. Liverpool meltdown

Liverpool can’t seem to find consistent production this season and their 2-0 halftime advantage over Southampton FC was erased by the home club in a 3-2 defeat on Sunday. The Reds are hoping to make a run at a top-eight finish, but performances like this won’t help them achieve their goal.

4. Kentucky Crean-ed by Indiana

Tom Crean and Kentucky coach John Calipari are friends, but sometimes friendship needs to be pushed aside in order to go places. Saturday provided one of those situations and Crean led Indiana to a Sweet 16 berth by beating his friend. A life lesson occurred here as well: It’s easier to be the winning friend.

3. Ohio State player posterizes Florida in NIT

A.J. Harris is a short guy that isn’t afraid to throw down on guys that are much taller than he is. At 5 feet 9 inches tall, Harris was able to do his best K.J. over Olajuwon impression, but the Buckeyes came up short against the Florida Gators in their NIT game on Sunday.

2. Buzzer beater buffet

Fans knew that the NCAA Tournament was going to be something special this year based on the fact that not one college basketball team was consistently impressive throughout the regular season. Buzzer beaters became a constant thing during the first weekend of the tourney, so here they are.

Northern Iowa against Texas

Iowa over Temple

Wisconsin over Xavier

And, finally, Notre Dame over Stephen F. Austin

1. Northern Iowa implodes

Northern Iowa had a double-digit lead with 40 seconds left to play and a Sweet 16 berth on the line. Yet, somehow, they were able to allow Texas A&M to tie the game up and find a way to lose in double overtime. It was one of the biggest choke jobs in NCAA Tournament history and will now go next to their school’s name for all eternity.

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