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Mike Epps Stars in New ‘Uncle Buck’ Series


Chances are, you’ve probably seen or are at least familiar with Uncle Buckthe 1989 comedy classic about bachelor and all around slob Buck Russell (John Candy) who finds himself to be in way over his head when he babysits his brother’s rebellious teenage daughter (Jean Louisa Kelly) and her cute little brother and sister (Macaulay Culkin and Gaby Hoffman). If you are indeed a fan of the film, be sure to look out for the upcoming ABC single-camera comedy series Uncle Buck, which is adapted from the 1989 film of the same name.

The show stars actor, film producer, writer and rapper Mike Epps as Buck Russell who, like Candy’s character in the film, is a fun-loving yet irresponsible guy in desperate need of a job and a place to stay. Lucky for Buck, his nieces Tia (Iman Benson) and Maizy (Aalyrah Caldwell) and nephew’s (Sayeed Shahidi) nanny just quit, presenting Buck the opportunity to step in and help his brother Will (James Lesure) and sister-in-law Alexis (Nia Long) by taking care of the three children. Although Buck is clearly out of his element when he becomes a baby-sitter, he soon realizes that his unconventional personality may in fact, make him the the right fit for the family…and the family may be the answer to his own problems as well.

The show, which is written by Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley and produced by ABC Studios and Universal Television, is not only an adaptation of the original film, but it is also a remake of the short-lived 1990s Uncle Buck CBS series. The upcoming 2016 series however, has been conceived with Buck as African-American, giving the show’s format a new twist.

The idea for remaking the film came from Will Packer, who serves as the show’s executive producer. “I wanted to do a family show,” he told critics at January’s Television Critics Association, “and I thought this would be a real interesting way, an entry point into a family show that would feel very authentic.”

Packer also told critics that his first goal for Uncle Buck is to make a family show all families would recognize. If race arises, he says, they’ll deal with it. “You can’t go to an audience and just say we’re going to make this family black for marketing’s sake,” Packer adds. “It has to be authentic…if race and culture comes up authentically and organically, then good. We’re not shying away from this at all.”

Uncle Buck has not yet announced a premiere date as of now but be sure to keep an eye out for the new comedy series within the next few months.

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