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Top 10 Movie Theater Peeves

Going to the movies should be an enjoyable experience. That is, unless you pick the absolute worst seat in the entire theater. Now we’re not talking about the location of the seat (even though choosing to sit on either side of the theater right against the wall may not be the best choice). We’re talking about the other moviegoers surrounding you—the ones sitting in the rows directly behind or in front of you, the ones you get stuck sharing an armrest, and even the ones who are annoying enough enough to bother the entire movie theater. There’s always one. Always. Hopefully this countdown of the top 10 most annoying things someone can do in a movie theater can give you a good chuckle, because time when you do have to endure the unpleasant experience—it’s definitely not funny at the time.


10. When the person in front of you is wearing a tall hat


One thing that can really ruin the moviegoing experience is not actually being able to see the movie screen. A person can’t help it if they’re tall, so it’s not exactly fair to complain about a very tall person sitting right in front of you (even though it is an annoying situation). Now wearing an obnoxious hat–that’s a different story. If you’re tall, we’ll forgive you. But if you make the choice to wear a big, thats’s just inconsiderate to the other people in the theater. Yes, we all have the freedom to wear what we want, but come on…there’s no way someone can wear a tall hat to the movies and not know that they’re probably going to be in someone’s way.

9. When someone is eating their food way too loudly


Not only is this something you shouldn’t do at the movies, but it’s something you shouldn’t do anywhere in public. If you want to chew like a cow, that’s something you should do in the privacy of your own home…or on a farm. The only way this chewing situation can get any worse is if that crunchy snack they’re chomping away on comes in a bag, because an obnoxious chewer probably also makes a lot of noise digging in into the bag in search of that last potato chip.

8. When the person next to you can’t sit still


Many of us have been guilty of this–especially if the movie is boring. Still, when the person sitting next to you is constantly shifting in their seat and crossing their legs it gets very distracting. No matter how much we can try to ignore all the movement by trying to stay focused on the movie we still it in our peripheral vision. If you’re sitting next to an extremely antsy person chances are, once the movie ends, you’ll realize that even though you were staring at the screen the whole time, you have no idea what it was about.

7. When someone forgets that they’re not in their living room


Just because you watch movies in your La-Z-Boy at home doesn’t mean it’s okay to treat the movie theater seat like it’s a recliner. It’s annoying, uncomfortable, kind of gross (no one wants the bottom of someone’s shows right next to their face) when the person behind you behind you rests their feet on the top of the seat right next to you. Even if the lounger is sitting on the opposite side of the theater, you can’t take your eyes off them because you’re in such disbelief over how little respect some people have for those around them.

6. When someone is talking throughout the entire movie


This is a classic example of poor movie theater etiquette. Even if you think you’re talking quietly to the person next to you (or to yourself), you probably don’t realize that everyone can hear you. Even whispering isn’t okay; we try so hard to drown out these so-called “hushed tones” so we can watch the movie…but the faint, barely-audible whispers become the only thing we hear.

5. When someone is on their phone

Woman using phone during movie at cinema

If your getting or need to make a phone call just take it to the lobby. When a person is having a full-blown conversation lasting more than a minute, it shows that they could care less whether or not they’re bother everyone around, because they know very well that talking on the phone in the movies is one of the most annoying things ever.Why would anyone try and have a phone conversation while a loud movie is playing anyway? You can’t can’t hear the movie and Chatty Cathy next to you can’t hear the person on the other line. Even when someone texts throughout the entire it can begin to get irritating. All we see is the extermemely bright light coming from the screen in the dark.

4. When the couple in front of you is displaying way too much PDA


To put it simply, this is just gross. There’s limits when it comes to PDA (public displays of affection). No one is going to be bothered over seeing an arm over the shoulder or a kiss, but when a couple is making out it’s gone too far. Nobody wants to see this. If you absolutely need to make out with someone while your at the movies, at least have the courtesy to sit in the back row. Please.

3. When someone brings their baby along


A movie theater is just not the place for an infant. When a baby starts crying in a restaurant, a bus, an airplane…anywhere really, we enjoy ourselves a little less than we did prior to all the noise. What’s even more annoying about babies at the movies is when the parents actually stay in the theater while they try to coddle their child. A baby can cry for a maximum of about three seconds before everyone else gets annoyed. Fact. We understand that it’s kind of a bummer for someone who really wants to see a movie but can’t get a babysitter, but whether they stay home or bring the baby with them, they won’t get to watch the movie anyway; they’ll be in the lobby trying to calm the kid.

2. When someone spoils the ending


When we’re at the movies, there’s nothing more disappointing than when someone who already saw the movie can’t keep the ending a secret. Sometimes when you hear someone announce “they die at the end” you just want to walk out. While leaving may be a little drastic, staying for the rest of the movie- won’t be as exciting(even if it’s a good one) as it would be if you didn’t know the ending ahead of time.

1. When the person behind you is kicking your seat


While some people think that nothing is more annoying than someone spoiling the ending of the movie, many can agree that having your seat kicked throughout the movie is THE absolute most irritating thing that can happen at the movies. It takes everything for someone to hold themselves back from turning around and giving the person that passive-aggressive “you’re kind of annoying me” look. After about 10 minutes of seat kicking, we begin to feel relieved that what’s been annoying us since we got to the theater is finally “over”. But most of the time this is only temporary. It starts up again right after we breathe a sigh of relief. It basically a cruel joke.

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