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Titans Trade Away No. 1 Pick to the Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans have just completed a blockbuster trade that is expected to shake up every draft board across the NFL landscape. The Tennessee Titans traded the number one overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft to the Los Angeles Rams.

This is what the deal entails.

Los Angeles Rams get:

No. 1 pick in 2016 draft

Fourth round pick (113) in 2016 draft

Sixth round pick (177) in 2016 draft

Tennessee Titans get:

No. 15 pick in 2016 draft

Two second round picks (43, 45) in 2016 draft

Third round pick (76) in 2016 draft

First and Third round pick in 2017 draft


The Los Angeles Rams organization has had plenty of issues at the quarterback position despite having drafted Sam Bradford with the number one pick four years ago. Trading for the number pick will allow for them to choose between the top two quarterbacks in this year’s class, Jared Goff or Carson Wentz.

This trade impacts every other team in the top 10 that was looking to possibly draft one of those two quarterbacks. The Cleveland Browns were hoping to have the choice between Goff and Wentz with the second pick but they’ll have to settle for whoever falls into their lap.

This is also a great deal for the Tennessee Titans if they take full advantage of all the picks they’ve garnered from this trade. First time GM Jon Robinson released this statement,

“It is not often that you have the number one overall pick and we hope to not be in this position again. But we tried to use that pick as currency to work the draft and maximize player acquisition, We now have the ammunition to work the draft and acquire players that are good for this football team.”

The Titans now have nine picks in the 2016 draft and they’ll have the opportunity to select some big time talent since they have six of those picks in the top 76.

The last time a number one pick was involved in a trade, it was 2004 when Eli Manning and Philip Rivers were swapped between the San Diego Chargers and New York Giants.

The Los Angeles Rams are no stranger to doing huge deals before the draft. In 2012 they sent the number two pick overall to the Washington Redskins because they believed in Sam Bradford. The Redskins would take Robert Griffin III and now neither quarterback is with the team that drafted them.

The NFL Draft begins on April 28th and we should expect at least one or two more trades either before or during the draft.

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