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Kevin Hart and The Rock Do ‘Jumanji’

When Sony announced in 2012 that a reboot of the timeless 1995 adventure-fantasy film Jumanji was in the works, no one knew who to expect to star in the movie. In a report by Variety this past Friday evening, we were given a hint as to who may (and probably will) star in the remake, and the potential cast members include two of the most unlikely choices we could imagine. According to the report, Sony is attempting to recruit Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart to star in the film, which is scheduled to begin shooting this summer and premiere in July 2017. At the MTV Movie Awards earlier this month, Johnson and Hart showed great chemistry after co-hosting the event, and with anticipation high for their new upcoming action-comedy Central Intelligence, Sony sees this as a perfect opportunity to pair the two up again in Jumanji.

After hearing Sony’s choice to star in the reboot, the first question that arises is, ‘How similar can the Kevin Hart and Johnson version of Jumanji be to the original Robin Williams version. After all, Johnson and Hart’s projects are often on a PG-13 level. However, their fans are confident that the pair will not only make the film work, but that their talent (and chemistry) makes them capable of anything thrown at them—even starring in a family film.

Like any film in post-production, the Jumanji adaptation may have some obstacles to overcome. The problem is though, these obstacles may prevent Johnson and Hart from joining the cast all together; both Johnson and Hart are, unsurprisingly, extremely busy with their careers. Hart for example, is expected to shoot The Intouchables remake this summer opposite Bryan Cranston, and according to sources, working out this part of his schedule may prove difficult.

In addition, Johnson is currently in the midst of shooting the upcoming comedy Baywatch (which is set to release in May 2017). The actor will then follow up with action-crime thriller Fast 8 (set to release in April 2017), season three of HBO’s Ballers (2015- ) and New Line’s video game adaptation of Rampage. The video game however, may end up getting postponed. If the game does indeed get pushed back, Johnson’s schedule will open up, leaving time in his schedule for Jumanji.

Of course, no actor can live up to funny man Robin Williams’ performance in the ’95 original movie, but if there’s one thing for sure it’s that Johnson and Hart will put a uniquely-comic and twist on the adaptation.

Be sure to look out for Jumanji’s release next summer. You won’t want to miss it.



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  1. Felicia M Ballet

    April 20, 2016 at 10:04 pm

    Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a movie together!! Now THAT I will have to see!! Great article Allison!

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