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Self Depreciating Comedy

What is self depreciating comedy? A Self depreciating person, by definition, is someone who is aware of his or her own weaknesses and shortcomings and isn’t afraid to point them out, often in a humorous way. A comedian who uses self depreciation in their stand-up does just that; they make fun of themselves or personal issues (sometimes serious ones) that they they have faced and struggled with at some point in their life. Sometimes audience members find these types of jokes offensive and become angry or upset with the comedian. Although many of us find self depreciating comedy and dark humor to be one of the funniest comedy styles, it can be a different story when these jokes affect you personally, but to play devil’s advocate, we need this humor in our lives.

Chances are, most jokes will offend some people, but what’s left if we limit stand-up material to assure that nobody is offended? G-rated stand up comedy seems to be the only answer, but how funny is that? The majority of adult comedy fans will say that this comedy style sounds boring and well, simply not funny. The bottom line is, the world needs comedy, and for numerous reasons. One of the most important reasons is that dark and self depreciating comedy can actually help a person (the comedian or an audience member) heal from a tragic event or personal demons. Sometimes, all we need is laughter. The following three comedians are some examples of self depreciating comedians (and notice that they do not get upset or sensitive when they tell the following jokes about themselves and hard times in their lives.)

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