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Awkward Live TV Moments 2015-2016

Awkward TV Moments happen once in a while – especially during live TV. Take a look at this list of some of the five most awkward live TV moments from 2015 to 2016.


Steve Harvey Makes a HUGE Mistake During Miss Universe 2015 Pageant

Miss Universe 2015 was definitely one of – if not the most memorable pageants in the history of the annual competition. It was a special moment for Miss Columbia, Ariadna Guitierrez-Arevalo when the host of the event, funny man Steve Harvey, announced that she was this year’s ‘Miss Universe’. That is, until the spotlight (and the crown) was snatched from her immediately. After only a few seconds of tears of joy from Miss Columbia, Harvey’s demeanor instantly changed and he reluctantly admitted that he had made a mistake and had named the wrong woman ‘Miss Universe’. The real winner in fact, was Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

Harvey may not have been entirely to blame for the blunder however and the mistake may have been someone else’s. A seven-second behind-the-scenes Snapchat video shows Harvey immediately after naming the wrong winner — Miss Colombia instead of Miss Philippines — pointing to a cue card and talking to an unidentified person saying: “The teleprompter said Miss Universe – Colombia.”

Miss Columbia publicly accepted Harvey’s sincere apology in an interview right after the mishap.


The Stand-up “Comedy” fail on Britain’s Got Talent

For those unfamiliar with Britain’s Got Talent, the show is a televised talent show in which acts like amateur singers, dancers, comedians, magicians, ventriloquists and novelty acts perform for a live audience and a panel of three judges. The catch is, the contestants have not rehearsed their acts and are performing on stage for the first time. The three judges, who do not see the acts before they are performed, buzz the contestant off if they are unimpressed with their talent and they must stop their act.

Sometimes the show can be painful to watch, as not every act is, well, good. Mary Sumah‘s act from 2015 is a prime example, as she was buzzed right away after telling her first joke, which did not receive any laughter from the audience.

Some may have felt as though it was unfair that the judges buzzed Sumah off so quickly, especially since she worked up the courage to perform her stand-up onstage. But when you think about it, buzzing her right away saved Sumah from an excruciating time onstage.


Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Mixup

Two weeks ago, fans saw what they insist is the most awkward TV moment in 2016 thus far. Viewers were “in stitches” over an audience member’s embarrassing mistake.

On the March 11 episode of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeawaya game show hosted by Ant and Dec filled with stunts, sketches, and special guest appearances, the comedy duo picked a member of the audience to win a stack of prizes. When an oversized hand swept its way across the lively audience, Heather Greig,who believed she had been picked, misjudged where the hand was pointing and jumped up in a moment of sheer elation – before being told by her husband to sit down. It was the audience member behind her who had actually been chosen.


Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj Go Head-to-head at the 2015 Video Music Awards

In a headline-making bit of awards show improv, a feud that was brewing between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj came to a head at MTV’s 2015 Video Music Awards. Tension had developed between the two after Cyrus mentioned Minaj in an interview with Rolling Stone, taking issue with Minaj’s criticism of the VMA nominations. As Minaj accepted her Hip-Hop Video of the Year award, she added, “And now, back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press. Miley what’s good?” Also on the stage at the time, Cyrus appeared dumbstruck and fumbled to respond to the rapper.


BBC News Channel Presenter Unexpectedly Goes On Air

In April 2015, Carole Walker of BBC News wasn’t quite ready to go live on the air. The New presenter caught brushing her hair on live TV when the camera cut to her for her nine o’clock bulletin.

As it dawned on Carole that she was grooming herself on camera and actually had to start reading the news, she swiftly hid the brush under the desk and continued with the headlines…while ignoring the fact that her handbag was still sat on the desk next to her:

We have to admit though, she handled it pretty brilliantly – not even missing a beat.

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