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DC film director troubles and rumors

It’s not news that Marvel Studios has torn it up in terms of making quality films that, generally, do well at the box office, whereas Warner Brothers and DC Comics have struggled to keep up. And with the most recent attempt, Batman v. Superman, seeing a box office drop-off similar to that of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it doesn’t seem like this will be changing anytime soon, a fact that is only being perpetuated by recent changes to upcoming DC films.

It was recently revealed that the man pegged as the director of the impending Flash film, Seth Grahame-Smith, has chosen to leave the project altogether due to what’s cited as “creative differences.” The studio is, however, keeping the script that he penned, which is actually a rewrite of the work of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. If those names sound familiar, that would be because they were originally intended to be co-directors of the film, but moved on to Disney’s Han Solo film, which has yet to be titled.

Meanwhile, rumors have already cropped up that the Aquaman film will also be losing its director, James Wan. Sources suggest that this is due to the director’s struggles with Fast 7, especially after the death of Paul Walker, as well as a general feeling of uncertainty over the product.

While Wan isn’t necessarily down for the count, it’s clear that DC is having a hard time holding onto its talent for the films that are meant to help support the upcoming Justice League movies and set up their own cinematic universe. There is, however, one ray of hope in the form of George Miller, who is coming off of his successful Mad Max: Fury Road, who may be helming the Green Lantern Corps film down the road. The movie isn’t to be released until after the Justice League duo logy, so there is some time for this to change, but it’s nice to know that at least one film might be left in good hands.

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