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The Ol’ ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Villain Switcheroo

It seems like just when we get a clear answer of which adversary Spider-Man will be facing in his upcoming film, new pieces of information are revealed that blows what we thought we knew out of the water. So what do we now know about the futures of the Vulture, the Kingpin and perhaps one other villain on the big screen?


After the recent rumors about the inclusion of Kingpin in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the actor who portrayed the character, Vincent D’Onofrio, took it upon himself to respond on Twitter, first by saying:

When I first heard this, I was rather disheartened by what seemed to be a solid no. However, D’Onofrio made one more Twitter post, which says:

This is likely to grab a lot of people’s attention, and while I’m glad D’Onofrio is down for appearing in the movie, it usually doesn’t bode well to have fans pestering Marvel Studios about the possibility, which is what will almost certainly happen.


It was previously revealed that, while Michael Keaton was in talks with Marvel Studios to take on a villainous role, which many people suspect was the Vulture, he and the company were unable to reach a firm agreement, which appeared to signal the end of the possibility. That is, until the studio, after courting a few other actors, reunited with Keaton, who is now in final negotiations for the role. While it isn’t confirmed that the Vulture is that role in question, it would make a lot of sense due to the actor’s history with superhero films, as well as his age and physique matching the character nicely.

The Tinkerer

A somewhat obscure Spider-Man villain may also be making his debut in this movie, a supposed plot leak suggests, with a plot synopsis presenting him as something of an underground arms dealer, utilizing the leftover junk from the alien invasion of New York to provide villains with their gear, including the Vulture. This makes some sense, and I’d be curious to see these two characters interact.

As I’ve mentioned a few times in this article, all this information is more or less a product of the rumor mill, so it is important to be taking all of this with a grain of salt. That being said, I feel like any one of these ideas panning out would make for interesting additions to the movie, so I look forward to seeing what keeps and what is cut out of this spider’s web.

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