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Why We Can’t Seem to Let Go: ‘Agent Carter’

The internet has a history of having a hard time letting go of shows or content once discontinued. Whether it be the original Halo servers officially shutting down or Firefly being cancelled way before its time, it’s hard not to notice some fervent responses, with people dedicating their time and technology to try to revive the work in question. Agent Carter seems to be no exception; since its cancellation from ABC, there have been petitions, outspoken interest in moving the show to Netflix and leading actress, Hayley Atwell, stating that she’d do whatever it took to allow the show to continue. But is it wise or healthy to hold on to the show so tightly?

I watched the occasional episode of Agent Carter and found it to be a fun romp through a distant time in the Marvel Cinematic UniverseHoward Stark, the original Jarvis and Madame Masque were all clever and fun cast concepts that brought life to Peggy Carter’s already daring adventures. Was it the most original or investing of shows? For me, no, but it was enjoyable and filled a niche that hasn’t been touched on since Captain America: The First Avenger. So, to be clear, by no means am I saying this was a bad show–far from it. What I am saying is perhaps Agent Carter is ending just when it needs to.

These days, there are so many good programs that live well past their expiration dates. The SimpsonsAlways Sunny in PhiladelphiaFamily Guy and countless other shows that once had an ounce of ingenuity now live on their reputations, pumping out season after season and degrading its legacy with each passing year. You hardly hear anyone talk about them, but they keep airing, keep hitting enough views year after year. No, the shows we always seem to remember or hear about constantly are the Firefly‘s and Batman: The Animated Series, the classics that everyone raves about well after they’re gone. And with good reason. I hardly watch TV, but most of those that end up on my Blu-Ray shelf tend to fall under this category. In my opinion, this comes in part from the fact that they ended on such a high note; they concluded just when they were hitting their peaks, preventing them from degrading or falling from grace. Will we ever know if those shows could become anything more or grow even larger in scope? No, but we’ll always remember them, and that’s pretty special in its own right.

Agent Carter was fun while it lasted, but it’s time we look to what the MCU can offer us next. We’ve already seen the Most Wanted show cancelled before it ever reached us, and there are still some on the docket, like Damage Control, that haven’t even made it past the announcement phase. It’d be nice to see more of what we’ve come to love, but I’m far more excited by what’s ahead.

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