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WWE Raw Review: June 20, 2016

Coming out of Sunday’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view, WWE had the chance to establish a new status quo on the June 20 edition of Raw. Dean Ambrose’s surprise title victory seemed to indicate that the company was moving the main event slot in a new direction, most likely towards the Ambrose/Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins triple threat match that fans have been salivating over for years. On top of that, the WWE Draft is moving closer and closer, less than a month away at this point.

As would probably be expected, a majority of the program was dedicated to the WWE Championship situation. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns opened the show with a strong promo exchange that led to Shane McMahon booking the latter two in a No. 1 contenders match as the show’s Main Event. The match itself was solid, if a bit uninspired. The highlight was actually Ambrose on guest commentary. The new champion toned down his “lunatic” character a bit, while still maintaining his usual charisma. Personally, I’m hoping this more serious version of Ambrose sticks around, at least for the duration of his title reign.

After the match ended in a double count-out, McMahon appeared once again to announce that all three men would wrestle for the championship in a triple threat match at July’s Battleground. While Tuesday’s news of Roman Reigns’ wellness policy suspension puts all of this booking in a new light, I honestly don’t think it changes much as his suspension expires before the scheduled triple threat match and it’s obvious WWE planned things as such. Either way, I like the booking. The Shield members locking up in a triple threat match has been a dream of fans since the group disbanded in 2014.

Speaking of the draft, the company finally clarified a bit about the event. It will unsurprisingly take place on the first live edition of Smackdown, currently scheduled for July 19. Furthermore, it will be presided over by new general manager characters for both shows, though it’s unknown at this time who those characters may be.

The Rest:

  • While I’ve throughly enjoyed the AJ Styles vs John Cena feud, especially their match at Money In The Bank, the formula of “promo, then the Club beats up Cena is getting a little tiring.
  • The Wyatt Family returning only to start an angle with the New Day leaves me a bit befuddled. While both trios are hugely over, it feels like either the former’s seriousness or the latter’s comedy will need to be sacrificed.
  • Sasha Banks finally returned to television and seemingly set up a summer-long program with WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte in almost exactly the same way she did earlier this year. This leads me to believe that Sasha was originally planned to win at Wrestlemania, WWE changed their minds for some reason, and now they’re trying to restart the same angle.
  • I’m continuously amazed at how over Enzo & Big Cass have gotten during their short time on the main roster.
  • WWE seems to be setting Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn up for a big match at Battleground, most likely as a temporary blow-off for their feud before separating them in the Draft. Personally, I think this is a great idea as the keeping the two separated for a while will only make the later resumption of their angle more appealing.

The June 20 edition of Raw was overall a solid show that set in motion several big angles for the summer to come.

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