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‘Dont Breathe’ is Bound to Please Fans

Fede Alvarez has taken a seat in the director’s chair for the first time since his successfully grisly Evil Dead remake in 2013, and critics are calling his new project “a muscular exercise in brutal, relentless peril that should please genre fans.” Don’t Breathe, co-written by Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues and set to hit theaters on August 26, is a home-invasion thriller in which a group of friends discover that breaking into a blind the house of a wealthy blind man is a lot easier than just getting back out alive. The group initially thinks that they’ll get away with the perfect crime. As the film progresses, however, they begin to realize just how very wrong they are.

We are first introduced to Rocky (Jane Levy), a teenage delinquent living with neglectful parents, who promises her younger sister that she will move away with her. Looking for the right amount of cash to run away with in order to do so, Rocky’s boyfriend, Money (Daniel Zovatto), convinces her to break into the home of a blind man (Stephen Lang) who supposedly has a safe in the basement. Breaking in the middle of the night with her friend Alex (Dylan Minnette), they discover the that the blind man is not as helpless as he seems – in fact, he’s dangerous. After Rocky and Alex outsmart the blind man once he kills Money, the two must navigate themselves out of the locked apartment while being quiet enough to avoid him.

Don’t Breathe has received much praise on Rotten Tomatoes, earning a score of 82 per cent on the “tomatometer” and a “want to see” score of 95 per cent. Below are some of the top criticisms regarding the film, which can be seen on Rotten Tomaotes:

-“The ending leaves room for a sequel, but it’s not just a half-baked teaser. As with all strong horror stories, the conclusion of one dangerous scenario feeds the fear of more to come.” -Eric Kohn, indieWIRE

“Simple, brutal and intense” -Rebecca Pahle, Film Journal International

-“The first two-thirds are as solid a piece of thriller filmmaking as Hollywood has produced in a while.” -Joshua Starnes,

“The blind man’s house becomes a Rube Goldberg machine of suffering, for just about everybody, and it’s a twisted delight to watch that chain of events unfold.” -William Bibbiani, CraveOnline


Be sure not to miss the film that has the potential to be the must-see horror hit of the year. You won’t be disappointed…the critics swear by it.

*Don’t Breathe is rated R for terror, violence, disturbing content, and language including sexual references and has a running time of 1h 28min.






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