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Conan’s Great Han Solo Auditions Spoof

In May 2018, Disney will release a  Star Wars movie unlike any of the others in the Star Wars film series. For the first time, The Star Wars franchise will shine the spotlight on Han Solo in a Star Wars spinoff. For those unfamiliar with Star Wars, Han Solo is a character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed in films by Harrison Ford. In the original film trilogy, Han and his co-pilot, Chewbacca, become involved in the Rebel Alliance, which opposes the Galactic Empire.

The film will cover events in Han Solo’s life that took place prior to his appearance in 1977’s Star Wars, but no story details have been revealed. But before Disney’s 2012 purchase of Lucasfilm, the Star Wars Expanded Universe line of books and comics, featured several novels about the Han’s younger days. The Expanded Universe was officially de-canonized in 2014, but elements from it have been borrowed in the Star Wars universe’s new canon, notably with certain plot points in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s possible, then, that some of Solo’s previously established backstory might make its way back into the Star Wars mainstream.

After conducting over 1,000 auditions for the upcoming Han Solo movie, the film’s directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller realized that the perfect man for the job was the very first to have walked into the room, Alden Ehenreich. After the announcement that the actor is officially cast as the star of the film, funny man and late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien, decided to take a jab at the whole elaborate process of the Star Wars casting room, airing a spoof series of auditions from a string of candidates–candidates who don’t exactly seem, well, “fit” for the leading role.

In a hilarious 6-minute sketch from Conanwe get a behind-the-scenes peek at a group of well-known Hollywood icons trying out for the role of young Han Solo, including Melissa McCarthy, Bill Hader, Will Arnett, Adam Sandler, Jodie Foster, and…wait for it… Curtis Jackson – better known as rapper, 50 Cent. While 50 Cent’s inability to properly wield a gun might be the single most surprising thing found in these clips, it’s only one of many funny moments, which are highlighted by Independence Day: Resurgence star Jeff Goldblum giving one of Solo’s trademark lines “his own idiosyncratic touch.” 




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