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Jon Stewart’s New Animated HBO Project

Jon Stewart was always animated on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Now, after retiring as the comedy talk-show news host last August, we’ll finally get to see Jon Stewart get animated again—literally.

During the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday, HBO programming president, Casey Bloys revealed that last August, Stewart signed a 4-year-contract with HBO and started working with 3D graphics company, OTOY for his first project: A series of animated shorts that will parody the news of the day, set inside the world of cable news. The show, which Bloys hopes will be up and running by September or October, will take elements from different cable news stations and roll them all into one hilarious news talk-show. Call it “The Onion” meets “The Newsroom” meets CNN meets “The Daily Show” meets “South Park.”

The project is part of an animation studio Stewart is creating to regularly produce these shorts online throughout the day, almost immediately after new news stories arise. There will also be a text component (hence, “The Onion” reference). The animated shorts, which Stewart will produce multiple times a day, will be collected and combined (as the news stories parodied on The Daily Show were) into a half-hour version. This sounds like a mostly-online effort, but Bloys indicated that there would be a TV element to it as well; the show will also air on the linear HBO TV channel.

A project like this will up much of Stewart’s time, considering he has to keep up with the constantly-updating daily news and each cable news station’s versions of a story. All stations have their own method of delivering news, and some stations tend to struggle with “remaining neutral” when discussing a controversial topic…and We all know Stewart’s good at poking fun at this.

Bloys however, noted that the daily project shouldn’t be as overwhelming for Stewart as it sounds.

“The animation, [which will be ‘very much in Stewart’s voice’],  allows him to respond to things very quickly,” Bloys stated. “[The idea] that Jon wants to do and why he wants to do animation is it allows him to comment in real time on what is happening in the day’s news events.”

During his farewell episode on The Daily Show, Stewart left us with one final thought—one we should carry with us for the rest of our lives:

“Bull-s**t is everywhere. Are the kids still here? We’ll deal with that later? bull-s**t is everywhere…There is very little you will encounter in life that has not been, in some ways, infused with bull-s***–not of all of it bad.”

And we can’t wait to see you make fun of all the bull-s*** and be enlightened by more of your wise words, Jon. We’ve missed ya.

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