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2 Chainz Opens Up On New Mixtape Daniel Son Necklace Don

2 Chainz/Daniel Son, Necklace Don

The beat to 2 Chainz’s track “Ghetto” bangs like an 8-bit soundtrack from an Atari game but the refrain “I’m ghetto excuse me” is a real snapshot into where he is.

This mixtape features some of the rapper formerly known as Titti Boi’s most literal work.

Yes there are plenty of oddball metaphors and left field adjectives, but this is the straightest talk that we have gotten from him in a long time.

When he leads off the collab affair “Big Amount” with the declaration of “if you woke up this morning nigga you winning,” the Atlanta citizen strikes down both our lust to ball and the violent fever that is plaguing our nation.

­­­­­­­ To be honest, Drake’s contribution to the track is standard issue OVO and does little to elevate the strolling beat topped off with a generous helping of flutes.

With only a pair of features, the focus here is razor-sharp and pushes the agenda that we may be witnessing a verbal heavyweight in his creative prime.

Not a single beat is wasted and every word counts even when the words are cliché.

The ode to humiliating your girl “You in Luv Wit Her” could very easily have been a repugnant entry into this track-list but somehow there’s enough flashy and playful darts thrown around to make all things even.

The semi-righteous “Blessing” is not exactly “Jesus Walks” but it is a call to spiritual reflection that steps out of the shadows and into the subwoofer with ease.

These 30 minutes are serious, honest and worthy of the time spent. On Daniel Son, Necklace Don, 2 Chainz cashes in on his third project of the year with true artistry.

Listen To : 2 Chainz on Daniel Son, Necklace Don

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