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Review: Britney Spears Stays Sexy On New Single

Britney Spears/”Private Show”/Glory

To understand a new Britney Spears song, one must program themselves to think with the vigor of a 30-something PTA mom.

These are the first mommies to produce cell phone footage that could serve as blackmail from lost days and ugly college nights.

Fergie copped a plea on “M.I.L.F.” and now its Britney’s turn on “Private Show.”

The raspy come hither vocals sit on top of the stop and start cadence crafted by Young Fyre.

At times the song loses its way because let’s face it when Britney starts chirping “twerk it,” it’s time to retire the phrase.

She’s not the youngest of the pack anymore and therefore a few moments feel uncomfortable as nobody wants to listen to their mom adapt language that is not fit for her.

Others make complete and total sense as she prods her bedroom suitor to prepare for a show that is made for two.

It’s a direct salute to all the moms and dads that can’t settle for more than a quickie unless the kids are away at camp or other activities.

“Private Show” is the anthem for who her audience is in 2016.

None of this is said to put Britney Spears in a box or to suggest that she has lost it.

She has taken her voice technically to a level that feels more natural than it ever has and she’s still a very attractive woman fit for any screen, magazine or cover.

However, as we go through life our identify changes and certain clothes look silly to wear and certain things seem silly to say.

On “Private Show,” Spears gets it more right than wrong and with over 15 years in the game that speaks volumes to both her staying power and her desire to make music that is right for her.

Listen To: Britney Spears’ “Private Show.”

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