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Be a Part of Sneaker History: Win a Pair of Nike Air Mags

This article is the first of many from Salute Magazine’s self-proclaimed sneakerhead, Joshua Malavenda, and is a look into the Nike Air Mags.

Nike is making good on their promise to accomplish what no shoe company has done. Nike has created a battery-powered, self-lacing shoe that lets the world know you have arrived with a blue light.

The story of the shoe’s creation began in 1988 when Universal Studio contacted Nike futurist, Tinker Hatfield, about a shoe they  had in mind for a new movie called Back to the Future. The shoe was to be designed as a magnetic shoe which the main character, Marty Mcfly, could use to fly his hoverboard and perform other activities.

Tinker agreed to design the shoe, which quickly became a cult favorite. However, Nike had no plans to release the shoes to the public. In 2011, approximately 1,000  fans signed a petition requesting Nike to produce the shoe for the public–Tinker was ready.

Tinker partnered with another Nike futurist, Tiffany Beers. Like modern-day superheroes fighting for the good of the country, they created a futuristic masterpiece of LED lights and space-aged materials. The first pairs came out without the self-tying laces in 2011 and were sold in an auction, with all the proceeds donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which helps to cure Parkinson’s disease. The 1,500 pairs helped to raise $9 million for the cause.

In 2016, Nike was set to release the self-tying shoe. The first pair was gifted to Michael J. Fox, accompanied by a wonderful hand-written letter by Tinker Hatfield.

The much-anticipated public release date was scheduled for Spring 2016, but spring came and went. The sneakerhead community was anxiously awaiting the release. On Oct. 3, 2016, Michael J. Fox shared a Nike post that said, “See you tomorrow,” which again generated great expectations.

Now is the time for you to make sneaker history!

Here’s how to become a part of the future of sneaker:

1. Sign up to be a Nike Plus member (

2. Make a $10 donation, plus a one dollar handling fee to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to participate in a drawing (

3. If you have money to spend, you can participate in the live auction in Hong Kong on Oct. 11 and in London on Oct. 14.

4. Attend a benefit gala for Michael J. Fox’s foundation o Oct. 17 and Nov. 12, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s Disease.” Contact the Michael J. Fox Foundation at (800) 708-7644.

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