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Childish Gambino Aims High On Comeback

Childish Gambino/”Me and Your Mama”/Awaken! My Love/Glassnote

Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino continues to blaze his own path that is nothing short of inspired.

Glover epitomizes the artist that does what he wants and profits from it.

His latest LP Awaken! My Love is due on December 2 after losing its original moniker Pharos. The lead single “Me and Your Mama” is not dope because it fuses together classic rock and soul.

Isaac Hayes  and Rick James created that formula.  Lenny Kravitz and Ben Harper among others have pushed it ahead minus the experimentation. They do their thing but Gambino reclaims the creative spark.

“Me and Your Mama” is next-level work because of its epic scope. It treads lightly in gospel-tinged waters before exploding into a wall of aggression. Of course is movement does not fear anger or vulnerability.

It’s an awesome turn-of-events and at over six-minutes long, the record fails to waste a second of time.

In its three acts, “Me and Your Mama” dies on the vine slowly as it winds down to its original pace.

Any artist has a hard time sticking to one thing if they are being honest.

On his debut Camp, Gambino earned his stripes rapping from the perspective of the snarky black male that failed to embrace the streets.

He moved on to fine tuning that formula and went all the way left on 2014’s Kauai. There he morphed into an R&B singer that gets high at the beach.

Glover/Gambino is the Black Andy Warhol.  There is no question that he can hold that position.  He is crossing that finish line with everything that he puts out.

Listen To Childish Gambino on “Me And Your Mama” on Spotify

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