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Was DC Comics Rebirth Reboot Worth It?

DC Comics is closing in on the one-year anniversary of the announcement of the Rebirth reboot.

The storylines began to hit the marketplace as spring gave way to summer and now there is a sample size that is large enough to ask ‘was it worth it?’

The answer thus far is not simple. Some books such as The Green Lantern and Trinity have been engaging both in visuals and as stories.

Trinity forces Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to dig deep into their roots and soul-search in ways that force them all to show vulnerability.

So far, it is arguably the masterpiece of the entire concept.

Elsewhere, The Flash is sort of clumsy and is the one series that thus far can’t make up its mind which portion of the New 52 it wants to keep and which portions it wants to let go of.

Writer Joshua Williamson will certainly tie all of the loose ends together. As it stands, The Flash is great to look at.

The biggest surprise could lie in The Green Arrow. DC fanatics were ready for a change and the word rebirth fit the bill.

The Green Arrow character has never been a personal favorite but within these new parameters, he and The Black Canary shine.

Of all the titles in this product line that were broken down, The Green Arrow was retooled the most.

In doing so, writer Ben Percy and the art team of Stephen Byrne, Otto Schmidt and Juan E. Ferreyra made nice choices in what traits, arcs and overtones served their new vision well.

Each issue has made sense, each challenge has been stronger than the next and the pace is so strong that its easy to lose track of time as you enjoy the work.

The reality is so far nothing really terrible. Something like this left plenty of room for things to  be bloated.

With the exception of The Flash and Young Superman, Rebirth has thrown strikes.

DC spent a lot of time obviously planning this launch and history could end up saying that this was the greatest mega-event in the history of the genre.

The headliners such as Detective Comics and traditional Superman’s stand alone series do their thing.

Where Rebirth is making its bread and butter is by streamlining the focus of second-tier characters and giving them depth.

Consumers that take the trip to the comic book store all have personal favorites that don’t get enough mainstream attention.

Deathstroke is such a character and Christopher Priest has delivered an engaging story for his faithful. Full of the carnage and the character development that makes Deathstroke pop, this Rebirth build is arguably the most complex.

As Justice League vs. Suicide Squad takes shape, Rebirth’s second phase is over the horizon.

So far…so good.

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