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Adult Star Teanna Trump Gets Shutdown By Go Fund Me

Porn star Teanna Trump knows how to corral her audience.  In the interest of skipping a rush to judgment on how the starlet has made her money in the past, she apparently now needs your help.

According to her Instagram account, she was recently released from jail.  The conditions of her release do not allow her to leave the state of Oklahoma where it is illegal to manufacture pornography.

Trump, whose legal name is Keanna Nichele Jones, was arrested on a drug possession charge and was given a six month sentence,

The 20-year-old stated on Twitter that she was caught with six pounds of marijuana.

After serving a portion of her punishment, she’s presumably having a hard time getting back to work.

Like most entertainment companies, checks are cut in metropolitan meccas such as Los Angeles and Miami in her world.

Therefore she tried to go the Go Fund Me route to raise a quick $10k but at post time the link to her campaign was disabled.  As stated in the movie Hustle& Flow, “it’s hard out there for a pimp.”

In the meantime, she continues to push for contributions via PayPal and Venmo. Those with an extra cape to spare can shoot her some bread using her information which is

The real serious question is that ‘why won’t her own industry step in to save her?’  The porn game is notoriously ruthless but with a little bit of research it can be proven that these people tend to protect their own.

If Sara Jay can get busy to support the Miami Heat, somebody can definitely ante up for Ms. Trump.

There is also the concept that Trump could elect to get a dare we say typical job until she returns to The Land of Milk & Honey.

Prison release programs are put together to help inmates assimilate back into society. There has to be a plan in place to help this young lady.

The end result is that without crossing paths, its hard to no the intimate details of her perspective.

But the spectacle that she is putting forth lets her fans know that she’ll be back in action the second she can hit a mattress that’s located in front of a camera.

In the meantime, Trump supporters the battle is not over. Dig deep and give generously as Astro Glide does not pay for itself.

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