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Designer Philipp Plein Swings Back At Dolce & Gabbana

Fashion mogul Philipp Plein has become a force in global design and it has not gone unnoticed by juggernauts such as Dolce & Gabbana.

Plein posted on Instagram a photo of a legal document that was issued to him by D&G’s legal team that accuses him of poaching retail employees.

Just received a love letter from Dolce and Gabbana’s lawyer accusing me and my people that we would steal their employees……. 1. This is a free country and everybody can choose by themselves who they want to work for !! 2. If people are happy at their job they don’t think about leaving !!! 3. I really love and respect the brand dolce and gabbana , it was an inspiration for me and many others to start my business and to work in fashion !!!! @stefanogabbana @dolcegabbana It’s is sad to say but everybody loves you until you become competition !!!! Since more than 15 years I work 24/7 on realizing my dream and building my company …. I respect everybody and I never received any support from this industry until today !!! I want to take this moment to apologize to absolutely “NOBODY” !!!!

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With over 120 international locations and climbing his brand is prepared to climb into the ring with anyone.

Whether or not he is guilty as charged is another scenario.

At the opening of a new London location, he described what is going on as a tense culture of competition.

“These people, these brands, they don’t want competition,” he said.  “They know how to protect themselves. Everybody does that. When you have a monopoly, you don’t want anybody next to you eating from your cake. This is what is happening in this industry,” he says, speaking at the opening of his new store on London’s New Bond Street on Thursday.

“In this competitive moment, everybody is trying to survive,” he adds. “I’m not an enemy and I’m not a bad person, and I’m not trying to catch the others or to steal the people.”

According to Business of Fashion, the entire affair revolves around 10 D&G employees that were allegedly being sought out by Plein in Milan.

Business is ugly in its nature because it involves commerce. Fashion is as a art form and as a business an expressive industry where emotions can run high.

Especially in Europe the old guard has a difficult time letting other logos emerge as pride, money and status are always at stake.

As the Plein train keeps on moving look for this battle to continue to take shape.

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