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NFL Review: Broncos Lockerroom Drama Headlines Week 15 Fallout

With another NFL week nearly in the can, its time to review what took place on over the weekend.

Atlanta Is Ready To Fly

Every time anyone gives an affirmative answer to the question ‘are the Atlanta Falcons for real?’ the team slips on a banana peel.

But in a season where they have defeated heavyweights such as The Green Bay Packers, taken out the surging Oakland Raiders and beaten several teams halfway into oblivion, they have to be taken seriously.

On Sunday they crushed the San Francisco 49ers without most of their starting secondary, a starting linebacker and All-Pro Julio Jones.

To play confidently with depth in December is the key to going deep in the playoffs.

In the interest of good luck, Falcons fans may not want to ring the bell just yet.

Brocken Down

The Brock Osweiler getting demoted story will be beaten to death all week long.

On Sunday, Osweiller failed yet again to live up to his potential and was replaced by backup Tom Savage who made the most of his opportunity to lead the Houston Texans to victory.

The fact is despite his physical tools, Osweiler has yet to put it all together and he is yet another name to get thrown onto the Texans scrapheap of wasted quarterbacks.

With 37 million dollars in guaranteed money sitting on his contract, the Texans would be wise to try and salvage this kid in the offseason.

If not, the only savage part of this show will be the amount of dead money that will haunt their cap number for years to come.

Old Faces In New Places

The San Diego Chargers are most likely headed to Los Angles and might be rebranding themselves with a new name and color scheme.

That’s great and everything but nothing will take away the stain that this franchise has placed on QB Phillip Rivers.

All the marketing in the world won’t change that. The front office has to do the right thing and close the final chapter on Rivers’ legacy by securing him help both in the trenches and outside the numbers.

That Time Of The Year Again

The New England Patriots are being taunted as an unstoppable machine yet again. They most likely won’t hit a buzz saw until the playoffs and which point their flaws will come to light.

Specifically speaking, the first team that can ignore their perceived greatness and punch them directly in the mouth can shut them down.

Even more directly overpowering running back LeGarrette Blount can send New England into a tailspin if only for four quarters.

Which team can catch them slipping? It most likely would be a team that can run the ball, disturb the force by throwing caution to the wind and that refuses to be intimidated.

We can marinate on that and revisit the topic once the playoff seeing is announced.

Overstating The Obvious

The Dallas Cowboys are the most improved team in the NFL. But its time for the drama to take a backseat to the reality of the situation

There is not a need for Tony vs. Dak: The Week 16 Edition.

In truth, the verbiage takes away from the monster performance that defensive end David Irving had on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

His dominance singlehandedly took over the second half and he is who should be getting all of the face time this week.

 As The Bronco Turns

The emotions are running high in Denver as Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak had to reportedly break up a locker room fight between offensive and defensive players on Sunday.

The melee apparently took place after the Broncos lost to the Patriots 16-3 just before the media was granted lockerroom access.

Of course cornerback Aquib Talib was directly involved in the mess.  It seems that dropping two straight and out of the temporary playoff picture is frustrating.

That can be understood but even if the Broncos defense held Pats quarterback Tom Brady in semi-check, the fact is they still gave up 16 points on Sunday.

This season they have surrendered 20 or more points to seven different opponents.

If Denver is to even think about getting it together, everyone has to take ownership of what has taken place.

Last season, Denver’s defense was happy to take all of the credit for their success. Now it seems that in failure certain faces are not willing to step into the mirror.

Just some food for thought, you do the dishes.

Looking Ahead

Looking at the next two weeks, here’s a quick forecast of what the NFL playoff field should look like.  The teams are listed by predicted seeding.


Dallas Cowboys

Atlanta Falcons

Detroit Lions

Seattle Seahawks

New York Giants

Washington Redskins


New England Patriots

Oakland Raiders

Pittsburgh Steelers

Tennessee Titans

Kansas City Chiefs

Miami Dolphins

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