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Listen: 21 Savage Steps Up On 100

24-year-old rapper 21 Savage is one of the leaders of the new school. This week he dropped an early Christmas present for his fans by way of the new track “100.”

Lyrically, none of it is rocket science but is full of the piss and vinegar that has put him in the spotlight.

It’s dark, confrontational and thrust on top of a booming beat that will knock the glass out of frequency-sensitive windows.

21 Savage has spent the home stretch of the year on the road with Young Thug and in the studio.

With guest appearances on sports such as Lil Durk’s new The Forgot mixtape and elsewhere, 21 Savage is shooting to be the hardest working dude in the new rap scene.

21 Savage has come a long way since October 2015 when he told XXL about why he represented the new face of Atlanta.

“We are the real Atlanta, we are really in the street, we are really what the fuck Atlanta has going on,” he said. “Every artist that I got with me is really from the hood and really from Atlanta and really in the streets of Atlanta. Lotto Savage, Mookie Madri Gra, Freaky D$MG., that who I’m bring with me, that’s all sides of Atlanta. The other shit y’all been seeing, some of them really from Atlanta but some ain’t and rapping about that gay ass fashion shit. We bringing back that pain, street real feeling music.”

“My voice is needed, if it weren’t for my voice, niggas wouldn’t even know niggas shoot in Atlanta. Niggas would think everybody wears Giuseppe’s and buy Versace. Niggas would think everybody got money in Atlanta. There’s niggas fucked up in Atlanta. It’s a lot of poverty, it’s niggas struggling, it’s niggas hustling, it’s niggas robbing and niggas killing in Atlanta.

It ain’t all money and drugs like the picture is painted. It’s a lot of gangsta shit going on in Atlanta. We’re going to bring that back, every aspect of everything. I salute everybody coming out of Atlanta because they keep the light on Atlanta.

But I’m going to bring that young nigga feeling back. I got my other partner who’s going to bring that Jay Z, lyrical shit. I got another partner who can harmonize and bring that groove back. I got another artist whose also just like me. It ain’t nothing new but we’re going to bring back some shit that’s needed.”

The remainder of 2015 and 2016 was good to him and his voice was indeed heard.

Check out the track that is going to riding out the rest of 2016 below.

Listen To 21 Savage On “100.”

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