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Review: Marvel’s Civil War II: No. 8 Rushes To A Hectic Ending

Civil War II: #8/ Marvel

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artists: David Marquez, Alan Davis, Leinil Francis Yu, Adam Kubert, and Esad Ribic

The Civil War II event has been underwhelming.

With David Marquez controlling the visual output it would be expected that the plot development would match his supreme artistry.

In a conversation with a colleague it was noted that perhaps the bar was set to high by the original Civil War.

Tony Stark’s corporate appeal for justice by way of government cooperation was taken to task by Steve Rodgers rebellious freedom fighting.

Civil War was as much an exercise in character development as it was an event.

Upon their arrival, mega events were still cutting edge and born in the fires of inspiration. The root concept was also crisp and clean.

Now, like the mixtape is to hip-hop, the mega event is often met with an indifferent shoulder shrug.

When an event is branded Civil War II, it needs to at the very least end with an issue that kicks in teeth.

Although this issues wraps it all up in a neat little bow, it does very little to leave a lasting impression.

The Stark vs. Captain Marvel finale is fine to look at. Stark has indeed taken on another form and Marquez did a wonderful job of making the art pop.

From the story side, Bendid squeezed too much into the finale.

Either the powers that be should have allowed for a 9-10 issue run or there were simply too many masters served at one time.

Iconic stories are not footraces. They run at their own speed and in their own rhythm. At the outset of this run, things felt a bit clumsy but it was obvious that there was a method in play.

By issue number 6, the pace started to hit a groove only to cram everything from Ulysses’ purpose to the epic throw down.

Civil War II was not horrible and this issue was not either.

But the affair would have been better served with a stronger ending that turned over every stone without the weight of a designated timetable.

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