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5 Low-Cost Online Subscription Services That Benefit Men

The gift giving season is over and men everywhere are most likely looking at their haul and shaking their heads. It’s no secret that men usually get short-changed on the holidays and throughout the year; leaving most men to depend on themselves to get the essential items they need in their daily lives.

Now it’s time for men to get back to business and there are plenty of online subscription services that are vying for men to sign up and use the products that they provide.

The internet has given us an entire industry where you can get almost anything at anytime. Online services have evolved beyond simply delivering groceries to your doorstep or having that video game that you’ve been lusting for shipped from Amazon.

Similar to streaming services such as Spotify or Netflix, which give subscribers access to various music and television content, subscription services give consumers a variety of products that fit people’s lifestyles for a fixed monthly fee.

Services like Shoedazzle, Bombfell, and Graze have been able to thrive off of this system.

There are literally hundreds of online subscription services that cater to women, leaving men to feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick. Within the last five years, a lot of online subscription services specializing in products marketed toward men are coming to the light.

Men can now receive packages full of undergarments, grooming products, accessories, and other trinkets that they love. Usually, some of these products would cost a pretty penny individually, but online subscription services compound the cost into an affordable monthly fee while giving their subscribers more for their money.

Here are five great online services for men that promise to deliver bundles of quality products at very low prices, leaving men with new toys and fuller pockets:

#5 SprezzaBox, $28 per month

SprezzaBox is a subscription service that provides men with a box of six items, chosen by a personal stylist. The items are tailored for the “modern man” and include socks, ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and a variety of other items that usually have a combined retail value of over $100.

We’re not talking about knick knacks that you can find at Walmart, these are quality items that usually cost a lot of money to accumulate and are sold in hard to find places. Esquire describes SprezzaBox as simply the reverse of Birchbox, where each month the subscriber gets four or five fashion items, plus a grooming product.

In terms of being a subscription service, SprezzaBox brings a sense of ease and convenience that is missing from other services, according to Business Insider. It’s designed to introduce men to items that they either don’t have enough of or did not know they needed. GQ listed SprezzaBox as one of the best subscription services for stylish men. This list featured 17 other services, however none of the others provide the various fashion accessories that make SprezzaBox unique.

#4  Tiege Hanley$25-$45 per month

Tiege Hanley offers a skin care system specifically for the grooming habits of men. They provide six products that include a facial wash, an exfoliating scrub, morning and bedtime moisturizers, an eye cream, and a firming serum. These products are presented in three levels, however only the products offered in Level 1 are considered to be essential.

40 over Fashion reports that Tiege Hanley’s products not only work but are also affordably priced. One of the creators is Aaron Marino, a popular YouTube personality, who specializes in giving men lifestyle advice including tips on fitness, grooming, and style. His videos are very educational and highly entertaining, and he covers all the bases when it comes to male lifestyle practices. Aaron and his business partners emphasize that their products are not complicated to use and are of higher quality than most of the products on the shelves, at a better price point. Men can sign up to receive any one of the system levels every 30-days, they may also cancel at anytime; shipping in the United States is free.

Level 1, $25/month: Daily Facial Wash, AM Moisturizer, PM Moisturizer, Exfoliating Scrub                                            

Level 2, $35/month: Daily Facial Wash, AM Moisturizer, PM Moisturizer, Exfoliating Scrub, Eye Cream                                  

Level 3, $45/month: Daily Facial Wash, AM Moisturizer, PM Moisturizer, Exfoliating Scrub, Eye Cream, Firming Serum                                                                                                                                                                                          

#3 Dollar Shave Club$1-$31

Shaving facial hair is the burden that all men (and some women) have to address at some point; unless you like the “I’ve been living off the land” look. Despite the recent “Full-Beard Movement” and the annual excitement of #NoShaveNovember, most men either can’t sport full-length facial hair because of professional reasons or chose the option of a smooth hairless face. Dollar Shave Club was a start-up company that focused on providing men with cheap and quality razors. Over time they have expanded and now offer shaving products, shower products, and hair styling products just for men.

First-time subscribers receive a handle and get to choose a head from three blade kits that range from $1-$9 per month; men also get to add an extra item from the assortment of other products to for the first month shipment. Observer tested Dollar Shave Club’s razors against Gillette and another shaving subscription service called Harry’s. They concluded that Dollar Shave Club was the clear winner between the three. Their products were better in quality than Harry’s and even though Gillette was a bit higher in quality, Dollar Shave Club blew both brands out of the water when it came to price. That’s like a “drops mic” move, you can’t beat a quality product that has a lower price than all of it’s competitors; I love Target, but Wal-Mart’s roll-backs speak the language of my pockets.

#2 Scentbird, $14.95 per month

Men can get a monthly supply of designer colognes delivered to their homes by signing up for Scentbird. Each month men will get a 30-day supply of any cologne from over 150 different choices. The selections include Tom Ford, Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Burberry. The first month of the subscription also comes with a black reusable case for the scent; there is no shipping cost for subscribers.

Scentbird is a service that both men and women can use, however most men either stick with 1-3 fragrances or don’t really wear cologne. Esquire advises men to use this subscription service to explore different high-quality fragrances and challenge themselves to switch up their fragrances regularly. Especially, since Scentbird offers an affordable alternative to spending a lot of money on buying expensive bottles of cologne. If you’re not familiar with cologne prices, the top-notch designer colognes can run you $60 or more.

If you’re lucky you can find your favorite designer fragrance for $30-$50 at a bargain-bin department store Kohl’s or Burlington Coat Factory. Men can also choose to stick to the same cologne or change it up; either way, they save a lot of money using this service.

#1 Birchbox Man, $20 per month

When you think of Birchbox, a box of assorted cosmetics samples for women usually comes to mind; basically perfumes, skin care products, and organic items. Fortunately, your mind deceives you, because Birchbox Man has an option for men that not only provides male grooming products but also earphones, speakers, underwear, hats, and so much more. Subscribers get a monthly box of four samples of grooming and one gadget or style item. First-timers simply have to fill out a grooming file to tailor the box to your personal style.

According to InStyle, this service is perfect for the guys who can’t seem to find anything to use other than the same Axe body spray or Old Spice products. These guys now have the opportunity to explore new, noteworthy grooming products that they can use in their daily lives. They also get access to grooming and styling tips that advise men how to correctly use these products. Esquire calls Birchbox, “a one-stop shop for all of your grooming needs”, since subscribers can get a wide variety of products that even include beard care items and flasks. Now the men can get their equivalent of all the fun products that women get; whoever said that separate but equal couldn’t workout in some situations was wrong.

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