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Boston Celtics Join the Club

Celtics Draw Ads For Jerseys

Wednesday,  the Boston Celtics agreed to a three-year deal with General Electric stated to Jimmy Golen of Associated Press. The new agreement is to wear the GE logo on their jerseys during the 2017-18 season.

Boston will wear the logo in team colors instead of blue and white.

The deal makes sense as GE moved their headquarters to Boston last summer.

Now, the Celtics are the third NBA team to join the movement since the league made it acceptable. The other teams include the Philadelphia 76ers and Sacramento Kings. These teams have made deals worth $5 million apiece. The terms for the Celtics have not been announced states AP.

The Boston Celtics will have the logo on the left breast of the jerseys. This new trend has not spread quickly yet but a big name like the Celtics should sway others to join.

While this is new to the NBA, other sports have been doing this for years. International sports, NASCAR and the WNBA have been doing this for years.

The advertising technique will make the NBA jerseys lose their style. The WNBA started this a few years back and their jerseys have transformed to a mess. You can’t tell who the teams are anymore. If you were to look at them you’d think they were the State Farms or the Bings. No one wants to get a jersey that does not capture the essence of the team.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver had this idea back in 2009 says USA Today. The spokesman Mike Bass stated what the NBA thought as the WNBA started to get more ads.

“The presence of corporate branding on game uniforms is a widely accepted practice on the global sports landscape and it is an opportunity we continue to evaluate for the NBA,” said spokesman Mike Bass.

The NBA may use this marketing for a money grab, but their product may suffer as a result.

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