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Luis Valbuena: An Angel In The Infield

Luis Valbuena Inks With Angels

Luis Valbuena, the 31-year-old first baseman, is a standout player and addition to the Los Angeles Angels. He is a good hitter, batting .260 with 13 homeruns and 40 RBIs last season stated by Greg Beacham of Associated Press. He accomplished this while missing two months of play.

Luis signed  for two years earning $15 million on Tuesday says AP.

He reels in $6.5 million in 2017 and $8 million in 2018. Also, there is an $8.5 million mutual option for 2019. He pockets a  $500,00 buyout if the Angels decline the option.

The option will increase by the buyout price by plate appearances in 2018 or 2017-18 seasons together. They will go up with 425-800, 450-820 and 475-875 and he would get the $500,000 as a bonus if traded.

The Angels made a smart move to sign him in absence of Albert Pujols.

Pujols is recovering from foot surgery.  Pujols is a three-time NL MVP. He recorded 31 homeruns and 119 RBIs last season on a .268 batting average states

Pujol’s return is a lifeline for a team that posted their worst record since  1999.

Valbuena is thrilled to be an Angel according to AP.

“I feel good, because I like that team,” he said. “I wanted to be here because I’ve got a good relationship with a couple of guys on the team. “

AP also shed light on what the general manager Bill Eppler felt about the deal.

“Luis knows he’ll be in there in that lineup very regularly, and I would say pretty much the entire time against a right-hand pitcher,” Bill said. “He’s going to play.”

He continued about the roster upgrade as well. He referred to C.J. Cron. He will also play some first base with Luis.

“I know we have roster flexibility,” he said. “We could potentially have a surplus, and we have some options from a handedness perspective as well.”

The Angels may have players to play but they want to move Luis around the field. Luis doesn’t mind. He is coming on as a team player and asset to improve the team. AP has his thoughts on this.

“I can play all positions on the field,” Valbuena said. “I have to be ready for wherever he needs me.”

In short, the signing has the organization excited and ready to play. Now they think they found a great piece to a winning puzzle.

Watch: MLB Report On Valbuena’s Angelic Transition.

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