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Moonlight’s Naomie Harris Will “Rampage” Alongside The Rock

Remember that 1980’s video game Rampage, where three giant monsters attacked a city in charmingly low-res graphics? Well, believe it or not, New Line is making a film adaptation of the popular game, which will presumably feature three giant monsters attacking a city in extremely high-res graphics.

Not sold yet? The monsters are a genetically mutated gorilla, wolf and crocodile. We’ve seen a big gorilla before (and will again soon in the upcoming Kong: Skull Island) and the giant crocodile is basically as close as copyright laws allow to being Godzilla, but a giant wolf tearing down skyscrapers seems new and fun.

If, for some insane reason, a mind still needs convincing, here’s the kicker: Rampage will star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Naomie Harris, as the Hollywood Reporter announced.

Johnson’s film career has skyrocketed in the past few years via the Fast and Furious franchise, and Harris is fresh off an Oscar nomination for her (slightly more serious) role in Barry JenkinsMoonlight.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Johnson will play an “animal-loving hero” alongside Harris’ “geneticist with a moral streak.”

It’ll be directed by Johnson collaborator Brad Peyton, who worked with the former wrestling superstar on San Andreas and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

As ridiculous as this seems, it may be a shrewd move on New Line’s part, due to a current renaissance of the kaiju-eiga (giant monster) genre. 2018 will also see the sequel to Legendary’s 2014 Godzilla reboot, as well as the sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim.

If Hollywood guessed right, movie-going audiences will be insatiable when it comes to giant monster content in 2018.

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